Help Building My unicycle

How Do i put this… and This On to this wheel Set Will it work and what Bearings do i need? Thanks.

hehe. you should have bought a wheelset instead of a rim…

BUT! there is still hope. Do you have an LBS where you live?

first things first:
1) take off your pedals (15MM BOX-END WRENCH)
2) take off your cranks (COTTERLESS CRANK ARM PULLER. if you don’t have one, your LBS probably will)
3) check bearings to see if they fit onto the new KH frame
3a) if they do fit, leave them on.
3b) if they don’t fit, use a BEARING EXTRACTOR to take them off. your LBS might have one. if not, sells them, but you might be able to find one at an automotive supply store.
4a) cut your current spokes off. you won’t need them anymore. throw away that old rim, you won’t need that either.
4b) buy NEW BEARINGS from based on axle/bearing housing size (probably 17x40)
4b1) in the meantime, while you’re waiting for new bearings, refer to 4a
5) Take your hub and your new rim down to your LBS and buy spokes and have them build you a wheel (ask if you can watch, so you can do it yourself sometime) or build it yourself, if you know how.
6a) put crank arms onto NEW wheelset, clamp bearings into frame and put pedals back on. put a seatpost in, and a seat on, and RIDE!
6b) wait for bearings to arrive. when they do, they need to be PRESSED onto the axle. You can either use a hydraulic press or a bar clamp. be sure to have short pieces of metal pipe that are 17mm I.D. to push the bearings into place.
6b1) refer to 6a


LBS is Local Bike Shop. Just in case you were wondering. :slight_smile:
Good luck.

Great instructions, hopeful. A few edits: The KH trials frame (non-pro, as pictured) uses 41 or 42mm OD bearings, not 40. Also, if you’re gonna bother buying bearings from, which you probably need to do, you can also tell them what rim and hub you’re using, and they’ll send you some precut and setup spokes. You could probably build the wheel yourself. Just make sure to use linseed oil. I made mine, and it hasn’t needed truing in the last 250 miles. As for the bearings, you can also get spacers to bring 40mm bearings up to 41mm from

Remember, your left pedal is reverse threaded, so clockwise will unscrew it.

Lastly, did you but the parts already? You probably should’ve just bought a bedford trials uni…

If you have good mechanical instincts you can use air pressure in the tire to push the lolly-pop bearing holders out of the frame. I had to do this when I got my Pashley and it works great. I duct-taped the tines together to keep them from spreading in case I made a mistake and twisted something, but everything worked just fine. Enjoy the new Wheel!

Double Post sorry VVVVVVV

Sorry if my post did not have much info. Heres the story. I have a

Zephyr Uni and the frame cracked and broke where the barings

go on to the frame. I have not bought the parts yet. Should i get

that frame and put in on the wheel that i have or will it not work.

Thanks p.s. when i put the pic of the wheel i ment just the rubber not the rim too.

The tyre won’t fit on your existing rim.

Trials tyres fit on a 19" rim not a 20" one.

There is one that fits on a normal 20" rim which is a special larger onza one, but I don’t think that’s available in the US.