HELP brake + saddle? (muni)

what saddle should i buy for muni (DH only)? a street saddle or a freeride saddle and why because most of the time i stand on my pedals instead of sitting on the saddle to slow down…

Also what brake must i buy? a magura hs33 the new or the old? or the echo TR brake? what do you think?

can anyone help me with giving advice?

thanks Jan

I’d go for the Fusion Freeride and the old style HS33, people have tested the new style and most seem to be saying the lever position isn’t as good as the old model.

I run a 2010 KH Fusion Freeride with HS33 (2008) which I find really good and well balanced.

DH only? How does that work? Where do I sign up?? :astonished:

Good advice above. Remember, saddle choice is a personal one, so you can never be sure until you’ve tried a few. But start with a consensus of advice to avoid some pain! :slight_smile:

For brakes, you may not need them. My MUni doesn’t have any. But if you already know you need/want them, go for it.

start with a freeride saddle and if you dont like it just cut it down until you have it where you like it.