Help! best unicycle

I am tired of my crap sun unicycle that i got 7 months ago! I always hit my self with the bad design of the fork, so anyways im getting a new one and i have around 200 usd, what is the best 20 inch unicycle for trials i can get in the us and where? (I prefer online) thanks all of you!

If you want a good trials unicycle you are probably looking at $300+. Check the trading post here and you might find something used in your price range.

In the U.S. you say? I’ve been happy with my K-1 Green Spirit. Here’s one for $201:

I also upgraded from a Sun with a stupidly designed fork, so I feel your pain.

aarons thanks aarons i know there are plenty of posts about the k1 unicycles, and i checked the page you posted preety nice!! do you do trials and street in your green spirit? and are the cranks the ricght sise? also what about the original devil with discount of 57 dolars that sells for 155? thats any good for street trials?

The Green Spirit, Black Domina and Alien backflip have much stronger frames than the Devil unicycles. They also have 135mm street cranks, which are better for street and flat than the 140mm reinforced cranks on the Devil unicycles.

Forgot abou the blow-out prices on Koxx. The have had some minor quality control issues in the past but for that price I wouldn’t hesitate to get one. Mush better than anything else in their current price bracket.

I have the same frame as the Green Spirit on my Trials and it is really nice, especially if you like to do foot-on-crown tricks.