Help Bent Torker TX frame

So I got a free torker TX long story short. dropped it once, bent it, tried to bend it back made it worse. So does any one know where I could get just a tx frame?

also I just had better ‘parts’? put in the ‘Cranks’ area, so I would like to be able to get the use out of them.

You can buy another frame that would fit from: or

go to a local bike shop and have them get in touch with torker they might be able to get you a new frame free of charge thats what i did when i bent my lx frame

That’s a good idea but I think i messed up my chance when I tried to restraighten it. See I thought I had leverage on my side, but the metal was so soft and mushy that when I bent it back it put dings in it.

well just don’t say that you tried to bend it back, just act like maybe that happened when it bent the first time…