help! been asked to preform dont know what to do

okay, So my mom talked about how i can ride a uni. at her work so they decided that i should come and preform for them. i am not too talented yet so need to know a trick that would be easy to learn and that would be a crowd pleaser.

and then…

i have also been asked to ride at VBS at a church and what i have to do is jump up three 9 inch stairs and give a note to a person and then go down the stairs and out

the only problem is i cant hop up thoes stairs without doing 1000 little hops and i cant clear thoes stairs

so if you can understand what i am saying please help me.:frowning:

You need to talk to your mom and tell her not to put so much pressure on you. If you can’t do something, then she has to know that.

It was kind of presumptuous of them to think that you should perform for them. You’re a person. You don’t necessarily have to be a source of amusement for everyone around you just because you can ride a unicycle.

If I remember correctly Gild had wise words about performances (sorry to put you on the spot Gild).
I would love to be more help, but alas, I need it to.


usually when people ask me to perform, its usually just a spur of the moment thing. (ie. “hey unicycle boy! do some tricks!”)
anyway, when this happens, i normally build upwards. like, i’ll just be riding forwards, then ill switch to backwards riding, which kind of opens their minds, then ill idle, then ride one footed, then w/ stomach on the seat, then do some backspins and frontspins, then ill usually finish up with a 90 u-spin with hopping on the tire, then a 180 u-spin, and as i reach the end of my talent ill attempt a wheel walk.

try something like that. or, if you’re uncomfortable performing, tell your mom not to make you do it.

PS, oh yes, if they have a coke bottle etc, jumping over it is usually a crowd pleaser.

thanks for the help but this isnt somthing that i can back out of easly because she thinks im good enough

find another ride to ride with, then you do some tricks and he does some tricks and he does the stairs… or just practice a lot and get the tricks down…<<<better solution

Drops onto cans of soda (wether empty or not) works as a great crowd pleaser. The higher the drop, the bigger the impression. (Literally, if the can’s full). One footed, backwards riding, stuff like that works. Big hops, big drops generally, if you can do them.

Thats the problem with moms…They always think your good enough. Maybe try to stick a 180unispin and practice those stairs!!! How long do youhave before the day you perform?

dude, hop up something that is 11" high over and over and over again for like an hour

you will be exausted by the end, but you will def be comfortable w/ doing the 9" stairs… and you can tell your mom that you can do it, but on a good day it would be 1 out of 10 tries that you make it look good and 1:5 that you get all 3 stairs

for the VBS … kids like ppl who ride unicycles … just be nice to them and do a hop-180 to backwards or something, I did a talent show and that’s basically all I did

(I also did a wheelwalk and one footed riding)

heres the problem with stairs i can easly hop up one but its hard to keep going i got 1 week to practice

and, what looks more imressive clearing the stairs in a roling hop or rolling down them

by the way thanks for the help:)

I had the same problem being able to only hop up one stair and then losing it. It took maybe an hour of practicing on the stairs to get them down. Its not hard. You don’t even have to practise with the stairs. I would just static hop in a small area(it helps if the area is as wide and long as the staairs you are working with.)

I learned easily after a little practise.

About 3 months later my friend was trying the same thing and I told him what I’m telling you and in maybe a day he could go up more than ten before falling.

Just practice. One week is way long enough.

which can you do better? Whichever, do that one. Rolling is easier for me, but I dunno what the stairs are like.

ohhh do u have to go UP the stairs or DOWN the stairs… or both??

man, before ur mom goes n tell ppl u can do trick on a uni make sure ur mom knows you actually can… sorry but thats stupid.

rolling hops down stairs look better to “evenly wheeled” onlookers

i guess just practicing a lot more than usual would be the thing to do. i was asked to ride at Vacation Bible School also, except i won’t be around. good luck