HELP!!! Bearing size for Koxx wheel

I just ordered a Koxx wheel from Renegade and I want to use the Nimbus rounded crown freame with it. However, the Koxx bearings are 42mm OD and the Nimbus takes 40mm OD. It doesnt look like UDC has any bearings the right size. Can I use the bearings anyway? If not, Where can I get the right size?

i believe you can use the 42mmOD bearings in a nimbus frame because the nimbus frame doesnt have machined bearing housings, so it will fit in with no problems.

i know of heaps and heaps of people who run 42mm OD bearings in their nimbus II frames, so i imagine it would work with that nimbus frame too.

best of luck

(if it was me, i’d stick them in there and ride it with no worries)

Yep. The Nimbus II frame has 40mm too. My Koxx cranks fit in it completely fine. Don’t worry about it.


When’s it coming?

i dont know, i was reading the german most replies thread and they mentioned it. sounds sooooooo cool, apprantly about just 100grams. i want it!!!