Help - Bad bruising ?

Last night after completing my second ever half hour training session, I noticed some severe red bruising at the top my inner thigh (mainly on one side due to lop sided learning I guess). Quite dramatic to look at but not painful.

Obviously cause by the seat, I wondered how to reduce this?

Additional info -

  1. On the first session the previous day, I wore polyester cycling shorts under tough denim jeans.
  2. The second session I wore ordinary underwear beneath the jeans, so the jeans would have been rubbing directly against the skin.

I don’t think the bruises were there after the first session, but I can’t be sure. Perhaps they were just building up?

Any tips on what to wear to reduce this would be much appreciated.

This seems to be more of a problem when you are learning. It will stop happening when you get better at sitting on the seat and relaxing the pressure on your legs. This will just happen as you ride more and become more relaxed. Until then just keep using a good pair of bike shorts. Steeley :slight_smile: PS Got to say full marks for practicing hard!

Just wear the cycle-shorts every time :slight_smile:

Chamois Butt’r would help with the padded bike liner shorts.

Yup, I can officially confirm that wearing cycling shorts (un-padded) prevents bruising.
I wore them today under my jeans for my half hour practice, and despite some good scrapes and pinches from the seat, I had no new bruising, just the fading ones from two days ago.