help! 540

i’ve been trying the 540 for a long time now. i can land the 360 99.9% of the time. 360 in spin out spin and one handed but can’t do the 540! i can mount 540 but when i try it on the uni i can’t spin it the full 540. any advice would be immensly apretiated.

also i searched the forums for tips on the 540 and suprisingly didnt see any so maybe other uni riders could use advice to.



Have you landed any 540’s yet? Or do you just want them consitantly?Im in the same spot as you… Sort of. For me I just learned 360 unispins and I can land them about 70% of the time. Then I tried 540’s for a few days for a couple of hours and some how landed 2 clean 540’s a few short days after 360’s… For me I just treat 540 just like a 360 except just spin it a little bit faster though. I just lean over the uni so that my head is past the saddle of the seat, this helps the uni stay under me! And then all I do then is concentrate on the tire and snap my feet directly into the center of the cranks… It’s kind of weird because I can’t do any of the variations of 360’s like inspins or 1 handed. But I just can oddly land a couple 540’s here and there :thinking: So I think you just need to lean over the uni more I geuss? Have you landed any 540’s yet? Or do you just want them consitantly

jackouni…haha unicycleaddict can do 540s by now i’m pretty sure… his post was almost a year ago!

but! i’m where you are… 70% of the time i’ll land a 360 and i’ve only landed a 540 twice… and looking to be consistent by the 4th of july parade so i can show off a cooler trick :slight_smile: hahah but ya maybe we can help each other out and post short videos of our attempts and try to point out tips for each other if you want?

my youtube name is HeavyPedalist… so ya lemme know if your interested

also… it’s strange but i am closer to landing 5th side spins (rolling) than i am at 540’s (static)… but i’d like to learn how to do 540s rolling.

You told me the other day you havn’t landed one, just got close? and where’s that video you told me you would do, I want to see! :wink:

I’m at the same position as you, I landed 6 5s between 2 days just randomly, ever since, I can’t do 1 :stuck_out_tongue: I will keep trying though, so annoying when you stop being able to do a trick :angry:

ahh i know! i can throw 7side spins easier than i can throw a 5 spin static. (can’t land any of them yet) but idk i’ve been watching alot of the poham’s vids and studying how they move their hands and feet and i just need to let my fingers heal up before i get too crazy with spins. i jammed my fingers and split them open (i saw my finger bone!) while bailing out on a rail i was grinding… its been almost a month and they’re still jammed up, prob cuz i keep unicycling and being an idiot by thinking i won’t get hurt haha

Sorry Heavy Pedalist I didn’t reply back. I dont use very much and I dont really know how to use it… Can you help me out. I want to upload videos and I want to enter in some OTG :slight_smile: I haven’t tried 540’s for a while and still cant land them consitantly… Can you help me use Or give me any tips. Thanks

What do u need help with Jackouni?

Couple of 5spin tutorials I found:

and theres a relentless by fate one somewhere which is good, just couldnt find it :stuck_out_tongue: