help 20 inch uni

I’m looking for a good cheap uni for trials and street 20 inch that can support a Creepy Crawler tire can someone help I have 200$ but was hopeing to get one cheaper like an lx or cx on ebay but i don’t know if the’re any good.
here are some on ebay I found. comments?

yeah, perry, the cx and lx stock rims won’t take a creepy crawler. they are 20", while the cc only fits a mod 19" rim.

the dx is your best bet strengthwise, too, because the cx and lx are both non-splined and the frames aren’t as good.

I think for street you could get away with the lx, but trials is gonna be tough on anything less than the dx, especially given the type of stuff terry and you like to do.

that dx you found is about the cheapest you’re gonna be able to find a dx, as they list for about $250 I think.

definately get the dx, it comes with a cc and it’s the cheapest splined uni in production. A+++ deal

I have a CX and an LX the CX is really not worth buying if you want to do street and trials, The LX would be better then the CX, but I would save the couple extra dollars and buy the DX it is such a better uni.

if your pinching pennys the nimbus 20 inch trials comes with a creepy crawler and is about 180 but if you have the extra money go for the dx