How many of you wear helmets on a regular basis?

i almost always wear a helmet. i have to…i also have to wear pads and stuff becasue the fisrt time i got a tiny scrape on ym knee my dad said, “this is unacceptable behavior how you keep hurting yourself on your unicycle.” I bit my tounge and ahve been wearing a helmet ever since


Wearing a helmet is the coolest thing about unicycling. Thats why everyone does it, it makes the ladies go crazy and people want to be your friend!!!

Not reall, but It will save your life, and If I see you riding without one, I will probably make fun of you for not wearing one…

I weear a helmet most of the time, though I think it would probably be more important to wear shin armor. I wear that whenever I’m gonna do anything infolving more than me riding somewhere without hopping.

I too always wear a helmet,wrist supports also.

I just got a new helmet, haven’t worn it yet, but I plan on upping my helmet wearing now.
I have only ever hit my head once while uniing, and I was wearing a helmet luckily. Helmets are annoying, but even if you do wear them everyday for a year and only need it once, that once is more then enough to justify wearing a helmet.

Always :smiley:

Definitely, there’s absolutely no reason to not wear one.


I personally like the yellow faction helmet…

Almost always, except for indoor barefoot freestyle. Generally, when I put on my shoes, I put on my helmet.

Actually, for indoor freestyle, I sometimes don’t put my helmet on either. but recently I’ve figured out that putting my helmet on improves my performance, as does putting on my 661’s. I think it’s a confidence thing…

I always wear a helmet like what are poeple trying to proov by not wearing one. the only thing i can see them proving is the fact that there to bloody poor to afford one:D

Helmet Essential

Helmet absolutely saved my noggin. Without helmet, my head would be mush.

Last week. Trying to mount my coker with assistance of buddy’s shoulder. (Not used to that method.)

I went down full force on right temple, helmet on concrete curb. Helmet was crushed, cracked and compressed. I was dazed, but my head was allright. Boy am I lucky that I had my helmet on.

Helmet was brand new, only 2 days old – I am a believer and will continue to wear my helmet.

Re: Helmet Essential

Woww, if you hadn’t gone to the store 2 days prior to the incident, you’d be DEAD!! I bet that’s a weird feeling.

Lucky. That’s the feeling for having my helmet on when I went down so hard.

Though my head’s ok, my shoulder’s a different story and will be a few more weeks healing.

Still, happy wearing my helmet – and that I’ll be riding uni again soon.

i’ve got a decent helmet story to tell you all.

well, i was riding some natural trials with Jeff down by lake ontario, and i did a fairly large gap. Jeff was filming, and he asked me to do it again. upon landing the gap, i didn’t have enought foreward momentum, and since the landing was on an uphill i slid off the back (the rocks were covered in ice) and fell into a big pit that was about 6 feet deep. On the way down, i hit my head off a rock that was behind me with considereable force. The helmet was a skateboard style helmet, and had a massive gash out of where it hit the rock. the foam was also compressed. If i wasn’t wearing a helmet, i’d be done.

Now as for the rest of you, i don’t really care if you wear helmets or not, and nothing i can say or do will change your minds. still, i though you should hear my little story.



This again? :roll_eyes:

I’m so hardcore that I don’t wear anything when I unicycle. :wink: j/k

if i’m inside, i don’t wear one. i’m ot really doing anything where i’d need it. 'm pretty good at falling when a mess up. If i’m offroad i always wear one, too many surprises. If i’m just riding around outside, like sidewalks etc, i usually don’t but if i’m long distancing it, then yes. basically if i’m going to do a hop/drop that’s more than a curb i’ll put it on.

one day i was one footing realy fast down a fairly steep hill and as i was increasing speed, my wheel hit a reflector and this jolted my shoe into the spokes. thus pulling my shoe off and giving me a total loss of control, i fell backward and my helmet skidded on the ground and also bumped against a curb thus completly flatening the back of my helmet and shearing off the lid and leaving a black streak of foam on the ground.

even to date i still dont allways wear a hellmet but i know i should.