I have worn a bike helmet from day one on a uni, but I’ve never come close to needing it and it seems kind of excess, but then I just putter around on quiet streets. I was wondering, how many of you use a helmet, and if so do you just use it for extreme things like Muni or all all the time? (And, of course, I’d like to know how many never wear one.)

ive never worn a helmet, but im going to start. its definitely worth it.

I do think I should have worn one from the beginning, but I only just bought one this summer. Having said that, I only wear it on rides where I’m actually doing some MUni and or when I’m Cokering from now on. Otherwise I haven’t been wearing a helmet.

i too used to wear one ALWAYS. and i still always use it when doing muni. but for trials and freestyle and have kinda replaced it with 661s. ill wear it if im going somewhere new or where new people might see me, because its important that people think of unicyclists as responsible and safe. but around campus where everyone sees me everday i dont wear my helmet that much, but still sometimes…

I wear my helmet mostly when riding distance. Funny thing is that I never wear it for freestyle or trials. When I ride distance, the helmet is the only protection I have. For freestyle and trials, its only shin guards and sometimes gloves.


All the time for me. I’ve hit my head hard trying new freestyle things like bw 1f, and so for me, it’s a “non-no-brainer”.

Always on Muni; always on Coker, which for me pretty much means all the time. I made an exception on a recent ride though. Bruce and I were just packing up to do a 20 mile ride on the beach a couple of weeks ago (on Cokers) and he said something about me not needing the helmet when riding on sand. I had just automatically put it on. I took it off and didn’t use it for that ride, but it felt weird.


I always wear a helmets except for when I am riding freestyle in doors at my juggling club.

ohhhhh a ride on the beach, I wish

You wear leg armor on your head?

I generally don’t wear a helmet if just riding to class, but always for muni, trials, and freestyle, and usually on long distance road rides.

My only head injury was during my freshman year at VCU when I was side hopping into my dorm building and I hit my head really hard on the door frame. At first me and people around me were laughing about it, but then they all stopped as blood began rushing down my face. Head wounds really bleed A LOT! I ended up becoming good friends with the girl that offered to escort me to Student Health Services (I guess I could add this to the Uni=Chick magnet forum). Just five stitches and a wicked scar.

Also, I found it interesting that George Peck on “George Peck’s Rough Terrain Unicycling” (which I just watched on my new copy of Universe 2), seemed very adamant about safety and wearing elbow, back, and knee pads and padded gloves, yet never wears a helmet throughout the entire video.

That’s not to say he was being reckless, just that maybe public awareness of cycling related head injuries was not that widespread when the video was made. But this was only in 1991. I kinda thought the helmet campaign started way before that, like in the 70’s. I think I had a helmet in '91 (I was 8), but I don’t remember if it was considered as important as it is today.

When did wearing helmets become a “necessity” of safe cycling?

Helmet logic

I’ve ridden motorcycles aggressively for more than 30 years and have never come close to needing my helmet, either. But I ALWAYS wear one. On my unicycle…not always…but I’m feeling a little guilty about that and worry about the example I’m setting for my kids and others. One blow in the right way from unicycle height is all it would take to make a veggie out of me, and that’s a permanent condition which will be harder on survivors than victims.

Lets see…

Wearing a helmet.


Eating through a straw for the rest of my life.

easy choice for me.


mmm but I like those bendy straws

I do agree though I would rather be able to ride my unicycle and
play with the bendy straws then to have to possibly eat through one for the rest of my life.

Helmets Usage

Muni always, Trials & Coker mostly, Freestyle rarely.

I don’t wear a helmet. I don’t do enough risky riding to necessitate wearing head protection. I wouldn’t mind getting one in the distant future when I have spare cash, just to make myself feel safer when trying new stuff like gliding (which I don’t currently try). Also when I get a coker I will probably wear one. I think helmets are far more suited to bicycles than unicycles, due to the increased speeds involved while riding.

I don’t wear a helmet when I just cruise around but I do wear it if I’m doing anything more difficult than just a cruise.

I wear a helmet about 60-75% of the time when I Muni and 100% of the time when I ride the streets. I fear a head injury from a car far more than from riding Muni.

I prefer unbendy straws, better for spitballs and darts :roll_eyes: .

I always wear a helmet, except ironically, when I’m learning a new freestyle trick at camp. I ride 2.1-4.2 miles per day to school, and less than 20 feet of those are done without a lid on. I also wear one for trials and muni (along with KH leg armour, Roach arm armour, and gloves for rocky terrain). I see a helmet as a bumper for a unicycle, perfect place for stickers (“TheDan.com” in front, and “NO WAR!” in back)

I wear a helmet for muni, trials and Coker riding. I also put on a helmet for freestyle when I was learning to wheel walk. When I start working on one foot wheel walk I’ll probably put the helmet on again for freestyle.

With muni and trials my concern is a clumsy fall where I might hit my head. I’ve had a downhill unintentional coasting incident once where I was aiming straight for a tree. Out of control crashes like that could be nasty. Crashes aren’t always controlled events. My helmet also comes in handy on the Tapeworm trail because there are big low branches that I never duck low enough for.

With the Coker my main concern is collisions with a car, person, bike, dog, etc. out on the road or bike path. Those kinds of crashes are mostly out of my control. What I can control is wearing a helmet to reduce the chance of any head injury. In any collision with a car I’d end up on the loosing end of the deal and I want to increase my odds of being able to ride again.

With freestyle I’m just recognizing the fact that I’m a klutz when learning skills like wheel walking.

I wear my helmet when I ride MUni. For trials I don’t use it everytime. Depends a little bit on what I’m doing. If I’m going to ride stairs I’ll put the helmet on. If I’ll just go to the yard to practice my (huge one foot high) jumps I don’t wear it, if I’m not coming from a MUni ride. For freestyle I’ve never worn it. I don’t feel like needing it for freestyle.