helmets are needed for all track races Unicon16?

Dear Unicon16 Participants,

According to the Newsletter5, all thetrack race need helmet.

03.04.2012 - Newsletter n. 5 (http://unicon16.it/shownews.php?b=0&site=205d473.html )

Unicon16 Rules:
Please check all the Unicon16-Rules in the Eventinstrucitons
For example, helmets are needed for all track races.

All the track race must take on a HELMET?
Does anybody know about it?

** I sent a mail info@einrad.it several times, But delivery failed.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Helmet are require for all races.

Hi Jason


Obligatory Protection:
Knee pads, shoes, gloves and also helmets must be worn during all track races and also during warm-up practice in the stadium.

Only for the slow races helmets are optional.

for unicon kontakt use: info@unicon16.it

see you Peter

Thank you Peter

I am existing to meet all of the unicyclists in the world^^

You sound excited! :slight_smile: