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> >Cycling computer
> Always fun to attach to the cycle. Perhaps Bierne can tell us how he mounted
> his, and what brand he used?
> I hope this starts lots of people talking.
> Keep riding! John Foss, president International Unicycling Federation
> unicycle@aol.com

I mounted mine sideways on the fixed part of the seat post. The brand is Trek,
and it has large numbers for the speed, making it fairly easy to take a quick
look down through my legs and see how fast I’m going. I can’t look at all times,
the way I would on a bike, but I can see often enough that it is helpful. It
also includes an odometer and keeps track of average trip speed, maximum trip
speed, and some other things.

My original idea was to mount the cycling computer loosely, so I could pull it
off of the post and hold it in my hands when I wanted, but I decided that
dealing with all the extra wire while it was on the post would be a problem.
Also the wire didn’t seem designed to take a lot of bending and flexing.

The computer has come in handy. I (foolishly?) rode 23.5 miles yesterday, and it
helped me to pace myself and keep track of where I am. Today, though, I’m
sitting still and trying not to walk.


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