Helmetcam of MUni Ride in Oakland

This is my first experiment with a helmet cam. It is a little unsettling because of all the movement, and unfortunately, the quality is only average due to the compression. But still some fun shots–esp. with the cam pointing backwards. Worth sitting through at least once.

I put it on YouTube

and on Veoh

The Veoh quality is better, but there are some pop-up ads on the lower third.

One friend told me that only unicyclists would enjoy it. I welcome feedback/suggestions.


Mna that was a heck of a digger someone took… :astonished:

Nice vid, thanks for posting.

Great vid Jim. How come this wasn’t a Tom/Jim birthday muni ride?

Also, anxiously awaiting some RTL helmet cam footage (namely the circle tour you did at the start of the last day).

Happy Birthday!

Yes, it’s coming. Just haven’t had time to sort through it all :slight_smile:

That would be mscalisi. Check out the related video, “Don’t Chase Scalisi - MUni” for the abbreviated version. Funny stuff. :smiley:

Yep, that’s mscalisi. He has now sworn to follow me around with a video camera to exact revenge!