what kind of helmet do you use. i use a full face and i love it. i also carry around with me a skating helmet but i always wear my full face.

i use the skid lid that i got when i bought my first uni its covered with cool oldschool video game icons

full face?? is that likea moto bike helmet???

what? we’re supposed to wear helmets?

when i do wear a helmut…very rarely…i just wear a skate helmut.

it is a bicycle helmet that looks like a motorcycle helmet. i used it when i rode bikes because i would do stupid stuff and that was the only helmet i could find the day i started riding and ever since i have wore full face helmets

i just wear a normal biking helmet. doesnt a full face look wierd? i get a mental picture and it doesnt look good. not saying that u shouldnt but i just think it would look wierd

Thats pretty SWEET!! i dont wear a helmet yet… but… i think once i get more into doing dumb things ill have to wear my skater helmet

Just a normal bike helmet.

Giro bike helmet. :sunglasses:

For the ultimate in protection I wear one like this;

Re: helmet

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 09:29:03 -0600, underdog wrote:

>For the ultimate in protection I wear one like this;

Come join me in my underwater rides. :slight_smile:

You must spend hours polishing that thing…


I’m wearing this:

It’s quite comfortable, and I kan brush my shoes with it after the ride…

Here’s the latest and best in helmets.

yeah i got my giro helmet. its pretty much my fav. thing

It looks like it says “alian” on the ear flap. Did you steal this from Marvin the Martian?

BTW, before I catch a bunch of cr*p about it, I know it’s spelled, “alien.”

nice helmets

nice helmets but i think ill just where my skater helmet when i start falling off more:D

I recently bought a 661 mullet helmet, one size fits all my ass its way too small, so i sent it back and im now waiting for my refund.
Now i think im gonna go fo ra Pro-tec D2 but i cant seem to find a UK supplier as i live in Northern Ireland
Can anyone help please
Oh and heres a pic