i need a helmet for unicycling can any one name a good helmet that i can get in the uk.i do trials mostly but want to start muni soon i have started doing picnic table drops ect and i do not want to go to the hospital or A and E in the near future i would not want to spend over £20 help my head needs it

Almost any of those BMX/skate helmets will probably be great for trials. They are also cheap. They usually can take a lot more bashing than a normal helmet and they cover a lot more of your head than a normal bike helmet. The only downside on these helmets is that they might be heavier than a regular helmet. Just go to bike shop and get one if you want. For example SixSixOne makes some good helmets. Giro is probably the best available. It’s also light. But it costs a lot more.
Well, eventhough those helmets are so good and cheap I still wont buy one for myself. I really don’t like the looks of those. I’ll probably get a Chiro or Mango for myself. Bell might also be a good option.

The only piece of advice that I have is get a skate helmet, not a bike helmet. They’re more comfortable(in my opinion), and protect your head better.

Skate helmets are nice but mine is hot. I only wear it for trials and cold weather rides. Otherwise its my well ventilated Giro Gila.

I bought a skate helmet and a bike helmet last year.

The skate helmet is good cos you don’t have to be paranoid about it getting knocked about when you’re not wearing it (multiple impact resistant).

But I almost exclusively use the bike helmet because it’s better ventilated and the foam inserts in the skate helmet don’t deal as well with sweat, causing small showers when rolling off curbs etc.

For the riding I do, which is mainly medium distance/mild muni stuff, i find the bike helmt best; maybe if I was into trials type stuff I’d use the skate helmet.

I think that skate helmets are better for trials and street, but bike helmets are better for MUni. It’s really gross when you go on a MUni ride, then you take your skate helmet off to rest for a few minutes, then you put your helmet back on and the foam at the front has absorbed all your sweat so it’s wet and sticky. I bet bike helmets don’t do that.

They do. During hot weather if I push on the front of my Trek bike helmet the sweat drains out in streams.

BE A REVOLUTIONARY!!! grow an afro, then shellack it… that way you’ve always got your helmet with you!

Having used both I’ve got to say that the bike helmets a lot better when it comes to sweat, especially the cold clammy ‘putting your helmet back on after a few minutes rest’ type, which is horrid with a skate helmet.

I guess it depends on the stuff lining the helmet- my bike helmet has some kind of fabricy type stuff between the shell and head, the skate helmet has plasticy foam, which is bad for sweat.

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James_Potter <James_Potter@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> writes:

> The only piece of advice that I have is get a skate helmet, not a bike
> helmet. They’re more comfortable(in my opinion), and protect your head
> better.

Bicycle helmets need not be uncomfortable. I once left on my bicycle
commute and turned back after a block to get my helmet. Finally, when
I couldn’t find the helmet, I realized it was on my head all along.
That was one of the first generation of Bell thin-shelled helmets.


Well, if both helmets act like a sweat sponge, but bike helmets feel like they’re not there, but skate helmets are safer, then I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference which one you choose.

Hopeful, do you actually have a fro?

We sweat lots in Memphis. (Not exactly “selling copy”, eh?). I learned from my Texas friend Charles, and I now wear a good old fashioned Bandana under my B*ke Helmet. It absorbes all the sweat that used to stream into my eyes, making them burn. Also, it makes the helmet a much more comfortable fit since it compresses in the tight spots and fluffs in the loose spots. In the deepest of summer I’ve even carried a spare for after the rest stop. But I’ve stopped doing that. Wring it out, put it back on. Go.

Oh, and for those fashion minded: Many colors available. Not just good old “cowboy” design. I’ve got a Tazmanian Devil number to die for. Most importantly, Helmet hair much less problem.:smiley:

I do the same under my skate helmet, I have spongy tennis bandanas
(actually many of them) so they take the sweat, and I change them.
I had to take off some foam band out of my helmet but
the combination is very comfortable.


No, JP, I don’t actually have an afro… I do have a fhro (used for splitting logs to make shingles-- an 1800s tool)

ps. there’s a pic of me in the ‘many faces of unicyclist.com’ gallery