Helmet style - which do you prefer?

It seems there is no universal helmet style for uni’s. Some people prefer the traditional bicycle style while others go for the bmx style.
So, which do you prefer and why?

Classic MTB style for better ventilation and sun visor.

full face helmet?

I wear a normal bike commuter helmet.

Also would like to add that I now wear my helmet every time I ride on roads or trails. I’ve had two very unexpected face plants while riding on paved bike trails. My helmet probably helped me avoid a more serious head injury but it didn’t protect me in spots that were not covered by the helmet. In one fall I got a nice little knot above my eyebrow and was worried about a concussion. As a precaution I stayed off my unicycle for a few weeks.

Perhaps in my case it would be better if I wear a helmet with a face guard. I took a look at them but haven’t decided to make a change.

Anyone wear a full face helmet?

I wear a nutcase bmx/skateboard-style helmet.

Bmx style. I wear a helmet for stuff where it is possible to roll over backwards, any bicycle helmet with the pointy bit can apperently be dangerous in those situations. It also has more space to put random stickers on.

I wear dreads (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J_CSQVbAd8) or cowboy hat (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WjN94vShEg8)


I ordered one today thru my local bike shop. It is a bell, fairly light and good visibility. I have started doing more muni in preparation for the NAUCC and our trails are fairly technical and rocky here in Missouri. I had a close call the other day. I ride by myself so there is no one to call the ambulance. :astonished:

Same here. Gotta personalize the lid! :sunglasses:

Most of the time I don’t wear a helmet, I only wear one when I’m practicing certain tricks, or attempting trials stuff. When I do, I wear a normal bike helmet, because I got a top of the line one for free. It’s light, breathable, and insanely comfortable. I might get a bmx helmet though, so I don’t break my nice helmet unicycling.

Or try not to fall on your head :stuck_out_tongue:

Really, what’s the point in having a nice piece of gear if you’re not going to use it?

I wear a road style helmet on or off road.

A few years ago I had an accident and needed stitches in my chin. This prompted me to buy a full face helmet. I wore that for a while. It can be noisy (sound of breathing) and hot and it can also limit your field of view. I would now only wearing it if riding on an uneven rocky surface.

I use an Urge “Supatrail”.
Not sure what “style” it is.

Very light and very breathable with a removable visor for winter. Nice because it comes in size massive.

Comes with two gigantic solar powered fans built in!
(Not really but several people have asked me about them so now I have fun with it.)

From someone who’s hard on helmets this one gets a 10 from me.

In an effort to prevent a fatality, the BMX/skater style helmets would be much more successful than road-type helmets. This is because they cover the medulla oblongata (brain stem) which is the most likely impact point to cause a fatality. This is especially important considering the (comparatively great) possibility of falling off a unicycle backwards.

Knowing that the skater-style helmets are more likely to save lives, I still wore a road-type helmet when riding MUni or trials. I thought that the irregular riding surfaces and likelihood of falling any direction warranted wearing a helmet of some sort and my helmet once smacked a log when I was riding MUni and fell.

I never wear a helmet when riding on the road. Unicycles move really slowly. To be seriously injured you’re going to have to be hit by a car rather than just falling at riding speed. But commuting on a 36" makes for a rider that is extremely visible.

Also, consider that in the entire, global history of unicycling there is exactly one traffic-related unicycling fatality. This is not over just one year in just one state or just one country…this is the entire recorded global history of unicycling. To put that fatality in perspective consider the fact that it involved a mentally ill man riding along a highway at night in dark clothing with no lights or reflectors and that the driver of the car that hit him was ruled to be not at fault.

I wear a Giro Ionos…satisfies the roadie in me. It’s light and airy and feels like you’re not wearing a helmet.

Before that my favourite helmet was the Giro Atmos.

To be fair, the driver could have been 20 pints under the influence, texting on his phone and yelling DEATH TO ALL CYCLISTS and this would still be the case :roll_eyes:

I agree though. I won’t wear a lid on the road, unless in an event that requires it.

I wear a uvex urban helmet. It gives me a little extra coverage of the back of my head than some of the racing style helmets; however, not as much as the skater helmets. Although I like it, I’m sure there are better out there for trail riding.
Recently, I fell face down and my left cheek hit the icy snow. I thought. Hmmm? Maybe I should consider a full face mask, but since it did not leave a mark on my face, I did what every guy does. I forgot about it. Well, at least until this thread was started. Hmm??? Maybe I just need some cool stickers for my helmet.

Be well and keep your head in one piece.

Time to grow a beard!

Because the odds of me breaking a helmet are far higher while unicycling, and most of the benefits of a nice helmet aren’t fully utilized. It was “given” to me by my team, and I can’t afford to buy a replacement if I break it, as such, I would like it to last as long as possible. It’s like a nice car, you’re still gonna drive it, but you might not want to race rallycross with it.

Is that bigger, or smaller than Canoe size? :sunglasses:

I question the statistics. While a unicycle fatality is certainly notable whenever it may have happened, it might not get recorded as, or in the right places to make it to statistical numbers. In other words, there might be more.

Certainly we don’t know of any from rider-error type crashes. But that’s not an indication that this can’t happen, since we try harder and harder every year to tempt fate in that department. Our Muni racing courses, especially the downhill ones, keep getting faster and more technical. In that sense, it’s probably the most potentially deadly event we do in competitive unicycling.

Like Harper said, for best protection of the noggin, a BMX or skate-type helmet is best. They also can take multiple impacts without necessarily requiring replacement. But they have less vents so they tend to be hot.

Road or mountain bike helmets are designed to concentrate protection on the parts of the head most likely to receive the impact in a bicycling crash, meaning the front and top of the head. Back of the head is much less likely to bear the impact, unless a motor vehicle is involved and then anything goes.

Full face helmets provide more protection to the face and jaw. Until recent years I would have considered them a bit overkill, but the way today’s top riders tackle the side of a mountain with big drops, lots of bumps and surprises, it makes sense to use one.

These days, I always wear a (road or mountain bike) helmet for Muni or Road rides, except little neighborhood ones. Outside of those activities I usually don’t wear one. But what about Trials, you ask? Yeah, one of these days I really need to work on that…