helmet or not

I think I fall somewhere in the same middle range with joe.

I normally wear my helmet doing Muni and when I’m activelly doing alot of difficult trials. If I go out and just want to hop down a 4 set of stairs though I’m just going to do it and not bother going to get a helmet. Same with brushing up on freetsyle skills or doing other small street lines.

Events are a bit different, In the US there is always issues going on with lawsuits so I feel its best to just stop crying and put on your helmet. When other people are responcable for your health, even if you dont care that they are, you need to respect that. Its not really much of a burdon and its not like wearing a helmet is giong to limit your abilities in any way. It may get hot, but pour some water on your head and just ride.

the only time i ever hit my head is when im not wearing a helmat. funny how those kinds of things work out, huh?

I’m sorry, but my head is much harder than a foam helmet, by wearing a helmet in a head on, I’m helping to protect you if you aren’t wearing one. I will always wear a helmet and if someone says that that makes them less safe then I can’t help but think that they don’t have anything to put in a “brain bucket” anyway. Sorry if this seems to be a rant, but I had to.

I am disgusted at the fact that some of you will laugh at the idea of wearing helmets… It takes less than 10seconds to put on, and can ad decades to your life… It can cost $20-$50 for a nice new one, and can save you thousands of dollars in medical bills. You are absolutley retarded not to wear a helmet when riding. Example: I was working on wheelwalking in my garage, with no leg armour or helmet, and slipped back cutting open my calf and smacking my head on the cement, now, if I had wisely used 2 minutes of my oh so “precious” time I wouldn’t have had a fat gash in my leg, or a massive headache, and probably would have finished learning wheelwalking that day. I eventually learded to wheel walk with my 661’s and helmet on… Helmets were required at CMW, and other Unicycle meets. It would be nice to see them mandatory at all meets. Last thing wee need to do is decrease the unicycle population, “I am all for killing the monster but I, cannot kill the man”

So be somewhat intelligent, because as my chemistry teacher would say, “Common sense isn’t that common”. So listen to Mrs. Crowley, and wear a helmet… Because if you dont and I see you, I’ll kick you in the head, or something.

for once…

i am with you on that one catboy

I’m with Catboy on this one…too

I think unicyclist should always wear a helmet. I often tell my friends off with something graphic when I see them riding without helmets. It’s really just stupid to not wear one. Like everyone has pointed out before me, you get ONE CHANCE with your head. It’s dumb to say, “I’ve never hit my head, so why should I wear a helmet?” Because if you do hit your head, you will likely be out and possibly be changing your life. You get more than one chance with shins and wrists, so you can get away with not wearing pads occasionally (I don’t though).

In my opinion, not wearing pads is dumb, because it can keep you from doing the things you love whether it be shopping, playing football, unicycling, or…living. Sure it’s a hassle, but so is eating everything with a straw.

:: Pelvic Thrust ::

For Pete66 and the seatbelt guy, that is the stupidest reasoning I have ever heard. “When I wear a helmet I’m more likely to try something crazy putting me at a greater risk of getting hurt.” I really hope you were being sarcastic. In Canada there’s these smoking commercials, with these two stereotypical d*ckhead canadians, saying how, because they smoke they take more breaks from work, which means less stress so they’re less likely to have a heart attack or something, so they’re likely gonna live longer. And how because they’re outside they’re getting fresh air. The commercials are sarcastic.

I’m not saying you have to wear a helmet, but if thats the reason you don’t, then wow. I don’t where one unless I’m trying something sketchy, although I am planning on hiring a full-time helmet soon.


Keep your lid on.

I think the important question is, “Why shouldn’t you wear a helmet?”

Typical answers are:

  1. It’s too hot.
  2. It doesn’t match my suave clothing ensemble.
  3. It messes up my cool hair.
  4. I forget to wear it.

My responses are:

  1. If you don’t want to be hot and sweaty, try a lazy activity like eating pork rinds while playing video games.
  2. And unicycling is fashionable?
  3. See response #2.
  4. Well maybe you don’t need one then… :wink:

I’d agree in anything other than hockey. In a game where you’re riding so close to people all the time, the extra size of a helmet is really significant, in a normal game, you’ll often be within a couple of inches of people and you really want to be absolutely aware of the size of your head and not hit it into people. If you’ve ever tried to look out of a window while wearing a helmet, you’ll know that you’re not as aware, most people hit their helmet on the window. Another thing is that you want people to worry about crashing, as hockey should really be about trying as hard as possible to be non-contact. People are definately more worried about contact when they’re not padded up. I’d also say that a glancing blow off someone’s head doesn’t hurt that much and it certainly does off a hard-shell bike helmet, especially if they hit under your helmet and push it up, same goes for a high stick that contacts the helmet. Helmets are great for a situation where the major danger is falling off and banging your head, they’re just not so good when so many other things are going on very close around you.

Incidentally, anyone who says that when they wear a helmet they’re not more likely to try something crazy is a bit odd. I know I’d not ride any trials or dangerous muni without a helmet on, I’m one hell of a lot more likely to try that if I’ve got a helmet on. It’s just a matter of where you put the something crazy threshold. Personally I’d argue that pretty much any trials, offroad or big wheel riding is well into the something crazy category, but obviously others put it somewhere else. Even if you wear a helmet for everything, from riding down your driveway up, you’re still setting a threshold, it just happens to be that you think you’re safe to walk, but not to ride. People have head injuries walking, I had one once, when it was a bit icy out. Unless you wear a helmet all the time, telling other people what to do is just inconsistent. Everyone is free to choose their level of risk, even if you perceive it as too high and that’s a good thing. Without that freedom, the chance of anyone being allowed to ride unicycles would be pretty low.

The good thing about bike helmets, is that they’re probably much more effective for unicyclists, as when we have head injuries, they’re usually exactly the type of thing that helmets are designed for, ie. a drop off the unicycle at low speed, without any other vehicles involved, rather than high speed crashes or crashes with other vehicles involved.


Yeah I was asking if you were a better unicyclist… Thats all I’ll say on that.

They were doing street and if you dont know its not huge ramps or jumps. Mostly grinding, kickflips, small ramps and such basicly same danger as trials or street.

Re: Helmet or not

I agree that it would be better to die from unicycling than in a war. But say you got brain damage, and you didn’t go? You just can’t talk, or move, or do anything without outside help…
So would you rather wear a helmet, or be a vegetable for the next fifty years?

Just give me one reason why you wouldn’t want to wear a helmet, and I’ll completely agree with you. They’re not uncomfortable, they’re not expensive, they’re not ugly (usually)…

Some people said they don’t wear a helmet unless they’re trying something very difficult.
Well, people don’t wear helmets so that they can hurt themselves worse without actually hurting themselves. Those times you hurt yourselves on a unicycle are called accidents. They can happen whether you’re trying something hard or easy.

Some people said they don’t wear a helmet because it’s too hot.
Well, I’d rather have sweat running down my brow as I ride home on my unicycle, than blood running down my brow as I ride to the hospital in an ambulance.
Just get used to it and it won’t bother you at all. And on particularly hot days, fill your helmet (or at least soak the foam inside) with water and then put it on. It feels reeaally good.

Stupid but true, I go bigger when I’m wearing a helmet.

I’ve done stupider.

Are you referring to my intellect in a dimmunitive manner?

Who laughed?

I’d say it was closer to 7-8ft but still the odds of Tony or Joe hitting their noggins while doing that gap would have to be such a small possibility, maybe if the KH handle fell off just as they were jumping or something crazy.

I don’t think you can really compare a unicycle event with the likes of a 70km/h + MTB or roadbike race, there’s much more extreme sports than unicycling that don’t require helmets at events –> rugby, figureskating (ok not extreme but seems more likely than unicycling to crack your head open), soccer (head collisions and flying headers at goal posts), boxing, rockclimbing, that crazy french street climb stuff, hockey (I’ve been smashed in the face one of the few times I’ve played it).

At the end of the day though, you’re right we should all wear helmets at events and I can understand why you found it necessary to use such “miffed” language on me but I simply wasn’t told that it was compulsary until half way through our trials ride at the end of the 2nd day when it was impossible for me to go home and get my helmet. No harm done, I spose we just have to make it clearer to everyone before the event next time.

Surely if there was a clause in there that said something like “I agree to wear a safety approved helmet during all riding in this event” you’d be covering yourself?

You could get the parent or guardian to have to sign it too if the participant is U16 or whatever.

These events require the goodwill of volunteers to put on- so they should not have to justify the rules- have some respect for the organisers! It probably should have been clearer- but seeing as you guys were supposedly helping run the event and sent the email that said- “you need helmets”…

Aw…forget it. I’ve got better things to rant about.



When I started unicycling, I wore a helmet, not because I thought it was at all dangerous, but because my mom made me. Now I wear it because I have fallen on my head a bunch of times in JUST OVER A YEAR, and NONE (escept one) of the events were related to MUni or Trials.

The first time was riding home frome school, and my shoelace got caught on the pedal, and WHAM. I was not going at any great speed, but if your wheel stops, you go down really fast, and my hands were not enough to stop me. My hands were sore for a week, but my head only suffered a headache.

Another time was recently when I was attempting to ride backwards one footed. I fell and rolled on my back and my head hit the ground.

I had a similar accident learning to ride one footed forwards.

I have also fallen and hit my head when riding to fast, and when leaning to far forwad when accelerating.

As for pads… I don’t wear them, but only because I dont have them. Does any body know where I can get cheap 661’s?(in canada) I think, though that they are not important as for going from point a to point b, (or at least in canada, where health care is free) but I would recomend them for any MUni or trials.

There are only 10 types of people in the world - Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

If you don’t wear pads, then yes.

I haven’t hit my head in unicycling…yet
Every time i hit my head during some type of sport i get a concussion. The doctor said you start getting brain and head problems by the time you have 4 of them.(i’ve had 4)

A helmet…hmmmmmmmmmm…
to wear one or not to wear one?..hmmm…i’ll have to think about that one. :thinking:

If there was never a time when you should not be wearing a helmet, you would wear one to bed, in the shower, and going to the toilet. There are plenty of times you should not be wearing a helmet, such as when you are getting a haircut, and when you are riding a unicycle safely on a hot sunny day.

IE Joking/laughing at the matter. Pete, Don’t try and defend stupid, stupid stupid statements with simple answerabble questions. In fact, why defend not being safe, that is just reatarded, as is not wearing a helmet. I bid you good day sir…