helmet or not

How many people have hit thier hed while riding?

I, for one. I’ve done it like 2 or 3 times. Always had a helmet, though, so it’s only been a dent to the ego and the helmet.

i knocked myself out whist riding with a helmet. the footage shows my legs coming over and kicking me in the back of the head… to bad it needed to be zoomed a fair bit to see it

i dont normally ride with one… only when i want to do something more extreme than im comfortable with…




I’ve hit my head loads of times.

29er riding and riding when very tired in the dark is what really does it badly.


Usually low flying trees whack me in the head.

Here’s a link to the thread where I posted about my last (and only) head impact-


While I realize there are (obviously) different points of view on this subject, here is my take: I always wear a helmet when riding my unicycle. Although I have yet to “need” it, I am prepared for that time when I will.

In my experience with other protective equipment, it’s the time I’m not wearing it (wrist guards, for example), that I end up needing it (awkward fall, which results in a very sore wrist). While I can live with a damaged wrist, I really would prefer not have a damaged head!!! :smiley:

So, even if it’s only an “around-the-block” ride, I put on the lid; unexpected things can happen quickly on a unicycle.

Just my thoughts…

i’ve only hit my head a few times. a coupel bails on sick down hills that i had to summersault out of, and some low hanging branches that caused wicked upds. nothing where i needed the helmet but it was nice to have on.

There’s no reason not to wear a helmet in any activity where your head has even a remote chance to hit something hard.

Re: helmet or not

The general answer is very few. I’ve been riding almost 25 years and I’ve hardly ever hit my head at all.

Which proves absolutely nothing. Unlike wrists and knees, you really can’t afford to bash up your head a few times before deciding to buy a helmet. That’s the idea. If you ride Trials, MUni or street, or road, a helmet is a very good idea. For other activities the danger level is usually quite a bit lower, though I did cut my head open playing hockey a few years ago. I still doubt I’ll wear a helmet for hockey, except maybe if it’s outside with cement curbs and things.

I did crash my bike not too long ago. There was a speed bump in a parking lot with a shadow from a telephone pole directly lined up with it. Bam! My hands came off the handlebars and before I had a chance to react I was on my way down I definitely whacked my head pretty good on that one, and I’m glad my helmet was on. Same thing could have happened on a unicycle.

Most people skin their knees or whack their shins a few times before they go to the effort of buying, and putting on, safety gear. With your head, you can’t afford that.

For Trials and heavy duty riding over gaps and other odd-shaped obstacles, a skate helmet offers better protection than a bike helmet. For MUni and road riding, most of us stick with the lighter, better-vented bike helmets. And a good bike helmet can be had pretty cheap! How much is your brain worth?

So what happened to you?
I got kicked in the head and knocked out.
Who did that to you?
Uh, it was me.
You kicked yourself in the head?
You must have really been mad at yourself.
No, I fell down.
You fell down and kicked yourself in the head.
Uh huh.
You know what?
I fall better than you.

I can imagine this conversation. As for me, I don’t think my foot can make it to my head without something breaking in between, or at least getting pulled pretty bad. In an accident, being flexible is good!

Helmet use is also a regional/cultural thing. Some countries are more helmet prone than others. This is probably a function of the local legal system, but also is based on what’s popular. If helmets aren’t popular and there are no helmet laws in your area, this makes you less likely to feel the need for one. I started unicycling in 1979, but didn’t buy my first helmet until the early 90s (for a bike, and also for downhill glide racing). If your area doesn’t use helmets as much, they are probably harder to find, and I’d imagine they are a little more expensive. as well.

I’ve been riding only 4 years and I only hit my head once. I bought a helmet like less than a week ago cause they opened a skatepark out here and wont let you ride without one, so Ill start usin It. Back when I used to ride bikes and screwed up a jump, went straight up and landed squar on my head knocking me out(one of very many)so if your doing anything more than a normal cruise grab the helm.

There is never a time when you should not be wearing a helmet. Even though you usually land on your feet when casually riding, its just stupid not to put one on. I saw this thing on the Health Channel where this kid was just casually skateboarding with no helmet, fell off, hit his head in the right spot, and was almost killed. Inertia forced his brain to slam into his skull and it started to swell, so the hospital had to force him into a coma in order to slow down brain activity to prevent more swelling. If they had not done this. his brain would have swelled so large, that it would have been crushed by his skull. By the time he was out of the coma (about two weeks) he had to go though massive rehab and speech therapy in order to learn to talk again! You do not have to hit your head hard, it just has to be in the right spot in order to cause a SERIOUS injury. Always wear a helmet!


im with 1cube1wheel.

never hit my head before, tho


No helmet = organ donor

Foot to head

About 35 years ago when I was an active skydiver I had a total malfunction. The main refused to open at all. This was in the days of chest-mounted reverve chutes with the D-rings mounted at waist level. When I opend the reserve parachute, the opening shock was so hard something whacked me in the back of the head. I relized it was my boots! Feet can come into contact with the cranium but I don’t recommend it.

On the other hand, if they hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here to jot down these thoughts…

I took a bad fall on my snowboard a couple of years ago and got launched high and came down on an ice patch on the back of my head. It felt like a horse had kicked me. I had trouble remembering the names of friends for a couple of hours. I guess it was a mile concussion.

In any event, I’m a walking (and riding) endorsement for the benefits of helmets.

I whacked my head once in a fairly high speed UPD. Had my helmet on and it still knocked me a little bit loopy for a few minutes. I won’t ride without it, even in my garage practicing idling.

I’ve gotten a concusion from falling off of my bicycle and hitting my head but never have hit my head in my 13 years of unicycling. But I was mainly into freestyle and parades until the last 2 years where I’ve been getting into Muni and Trials-aka a little more dangerous. I usually only wear a helmet when I’m trying some hard stuff or on dangerous trails. Here in Minnesota there aren’t many “dangerous” obstacles and hope my body can react in time if I do fall on the “soft” ground to protect me. But I’m not saying don’t wear a helmet, cause they do help and are worth wearing to save your head/life. I just think bicycling and some other sports go much faster and are more dangerous so wearing a helmet is definitely needed.

FYI-I believe no one has ever died in a unicycling accident, ever! Or gotten seriously injured like brain damaga or something that doesn’t cure over time. Broken bones ya, but they heal after a long time. Correct me if someone knows otherwise.

Patmoore: When I’m snowboarding a helmet is a must. The day after I got my helmet was the first time I’d needed it. Was in some nice woodsy offpiste and became more intimate than I’d have liked with a low branch. And aside from anything they keep your head toasty and I reckon snowboard/skate helmets look pretty nifty.

When I’m unicycling however I tend to wear a helmet less often than perhaps I should. If I’m just going from A to B I tend not to wear one as most of my A to B rides are less than 20 minutes or so due to only having a trials uni at the mo. However, any occasion I feel leg armour’s neccessary I wear my helmet too (dont want to hurt the thing holding my beautiful face in place). So in conclusion I’d say the ultimate decision rests with no-one but yourself, and in turn you’ve no one to blame than yourself if you happen to hurt something you’ve decided not to protect.