Helmet mildew, potential fix.

Last summer my helmet seemed be always sweaty and could get pretty rank at times. So I’m trying reduce that for this summer.

First, I got a cheap $10 fan from the local Linens and Things store, mounted it on the garage wall. Then bent up a coat hanger to hang my helmet down in front of the fan. The theory is that the air circulation will dry the helmet and straps so they will not get rank.

See first attachment, fanHelmut.

The second part of the plan worked out, but is expensive. I don’t like leaving a fan running in the garage. I figure half the time, I figure I’d forget and leave it running over night. So I looked for a cheap count-down timer to turn the fan off after 20 minutes. I searched and to my surprise didn’t find anything cheap and handy for this. I did find the parts necessary at the local Home depot store. By combining a bathroom fan timer, an outdoor outlet box and an extesion cord, I made a timed extension cord. The bad news is that the parts totaled to an expensive $27.00 dollars. ($2 dollars could have been saved using a mechanical timer.)

See second attachment, fanSwitchbox

Together I now have a system which I hope will throughly dry out my helmet to help keep it fresh.

that wont work you first need to get the sweat out

why not just put it front of a fan in your room, then you can’t forget to turn it off

In a mountain biking magazine I read that you should shower with it once and a while to clean it out. Do that then try the fan and that should hopefully work.