Helmet makes me bolder!

Maybe a helmet wasn’t such a good idea. It’s probably good to keep the old brains intact, but wearing safety equipment sure does make me bolder. I rode for a few years as a teenager and resumed a couple of months ago after a 25 year hiatus - but only for 1 day now with a helmet. The worst 2 spills I’ve had since I’ve been riding were this morning - that nice kind of spill where you skid a little before you come to a halt.
Boy howdy - now it’s time to get a trials unicycle!

Helmets make me look fat so I tend not to wear one when I’m riding my Coker and want to look my very best. I wear a helmet when riding MUni or trials but I try to wear vertically striped cycling clothes to compensate.

I assume that puts you close to the 40± crowd?

If the helmet makes you bolder, just wait until you strap on the leg & arm armor and wrist guards!

I don’t know if they make me any bolder, but I am more cautious without them.

Next year I’ll be in the 50+ crowd

idk about a helmet, cuz that doesnt protect my shins from my sharp metal pedals

but my 661 shinpads sure help!

Wearing a helmet makes me look like a total loser who has no friend and who will die yesterday, so I wear one one all the time when I ride! :smiley:

Not wearing a helmet makes me look like a total loser, especially when I’m rolling on the ground, clutching my head and screaming in pain.

So what if a helmet makes you bolder? It makes you less prone to dying from a head injury as well, I think the two cancel each other out. :roll_eyes:

we have somthing in common then

I look like a loser wearing one
You look like a loser not wearing one

never wore one myself but I bought a Muni yesterday and vowed to wear one when i ride it.

I wasn’t wearing a helmet the other day while bombing around on my trials uni. I almost hit my chin off of a retaining wall that I was trying to hop onto. A regular bike or skateboard-style helmet wouldn’t have helped me in that case, unfortunately.

Maybe some positive peer pressure would make me don a helmet, but I haven’t felt the need for one.

I’m only 18. My survival instinct hasn’t fully kicked in yet.

Maybe it is an age thing. After a few things started going wrong with my body it’s like I started reading actuarial tables for excitement. Bad things can happen on a unicycle. A lot of those bad things are scary, but nothing scares me more than brain damage.

Brain damage would suck, thats the main reason I put up with looking like a loser.

i just got a helmet. and its awsome. im gonna put a little more padding in it to get rid of som of the wiggling. but its a great helmet. and es. its maes you more risky.

Wearing a helmet is probably the best thing i’ve ever done considering that at 1 point i would’ve had a giant splinter on my head if it weren’t for the helmet. :astonished:

That is so true, also while you’re at it you might want to get some 661’s. :smiley:

shin Gaurds? i have kris holm.

That’s a good choice too and yes, shin guards. :smiley:

yea. i havent hd any 661’s but how do they compare?

Well i have had 661s for a couple years now and would recommend them to anyone who wants one. Also my lady friend has the KH Percussion Leg Armour and she can’t stop telling me to get some. :smiley:

So i would say the comparison is small, if any. But thats just my opinion. :smiley:

kh are way better
i hated the 661’s cause for me they were oncomfotable
like really badly
and i could ride in kh’s all day

So would you say “each to their own then”??? or something along those lines.