Helmet Law for Bicycle Riding Passed in Israel

A new law just went into effect in Israel. Anyone regardless of age must by law wear a helmet when riding a bicycle and rollerblades. It does not mention unicycles and scooters. I think that this law is bogus. I am quite happy that I don’t ride a bike anymore! I always wear a helmet when doing Muni but I never wear a helmet when riding city streets. Unless it is a hardcore trials session. Why do governments always try to ruin things for thier citizens?


Presumably to keep costs down, though the jury is probably still out on that. Or to please insurance companies, helmet makers, lobbyists, etc. :roll_eyes:

What exactly got ruined?

Geeze… With the Israeli summer weather helmets will cause more accidents than they will help to soften.

I never wear a helmet when biking and only wear a helmet on my uni when I do some tricks(or when I’ve got my helmet with me). But not in the summer. It’s way too hot to wear a helmet in the summer. Bloody laws…

I haven’t worn a Helmet since the last time I crashed on my bike when I was 8…

I have the agility to catch myself from smashing my head into the ground.

Now, if I was riding park BMX or something, doing backflips, or really big air tricks, then I would wear a helmet.

Ragdolls need helmets, people who know what they’re doing don’t.