Helmet Help

Have been reading some of the threads in the search section and there isn’t alot of new input so I started looking for helmets on the mtb sites and it’s a jungle out there!! :angry: Is there an alround helmet that would be good for Muni firstly, and just for anything, anybody have any suggestions please!!:smiley:

Any bicycle helmet would be good enough. Mountain bike helmets have visors, while road helmets don’t. Just head down to your local bike shop, and try them on. The cheapest helmets will be as good as expensives ones. The more expensive ones are lighter and have more vents for air flow. Fit is the most imporant thing for a helmet, so take your time to try a few models. Even those above your initial budget.

If you’re the type that hates wearing a helmet because it’s stuffy, get a midrange one at least. Better buying somthing more expensive that you’ll wear, than something cheaper you hate wearing.

Don’t pay too much for a helmet. I don’t think the really expensive ones are much better than the mid range ones. Just make sure you get one that has removable padding so you can take it out and wash it when it gets stinky.

Ha! You guys are great thats just the kind of advice I like straight to the point!! :astonished: :smiley: I have to do it as those UPD’s that just happen with no warning and landing backwards, I don’t want to think of the out come of one of those going down steps for example :astonished: As I’m the original instigator of this adventure, I feel abliged to set a good example! But are there any really cool ones you can suggest???:smiley:

There is a difference in helmets, ie to a degree, you get what you pay for. That’s not to say that you need to drop $200 on a helmet that says Live Strong, but you will get a safer, cooler, and lopnger lasting helmet if you spend a little extra.

I have a helmet that I covet, the Fox Flux, I’m now on my second one, the first is still hanging on the wall and is in good shape, but the pads are toast and it’s a little beat up.My son also rides in a Flux, it fits, it replaced a skate helmet that cracked. They say that you should change out your helmets every few years because the foam and adhesives break down due to UV exposure, moisture, and vibration.

I tend to shop around and wait for the deals, so I purchased my first Flux for $40 and the second for $50; they retail for $100. I like my flux because it is breathable, light weight, stays in place without moving around, and it has been durable.

Keep in mind that a helmet needs to be cleaned, straps washed, pads removed and washed, otherwise they get funky and salt can damage the helmet over time.

Check out MTBR reviews before buying.

Oh, and skate helmets suck! Non breathing, not durable, and unless you get one with EPP, they are not sufficient protection. Skaters don’t care as a rule, it’s part of their creed, so using their idea of a good helmet is probably not the best approach; unless that’s your creed, in which case you don’t really need a helmet :roll_eyes:

They dont suck to hard :stuck_out_tongue:

They just dont stay on your head as nicely compared to a traditional helmet. They are a little heavier as well. And for protection… well to be honest my head is more covered with my skate style helmet vs the traditional half shell style helmets.

Lukily I haven’t had to test out to see how strong it is yet. From past experience I believe its strong, Protect has been making safety equipment for some time now.

BUTTT rule of thumb for when buying a helmet! Get something that is comfortable, nothing sucks more than having a helmet that isn’t nice to wear. Then also how much is your head worth? Dont go cheap on safety equipment! Nothing is more important than being able to walk away from a nasty fall.

They don’t suck. Skaters that don’t comprehend the value of their brains suck. I thought the main difference between a skate helmet and a regular bike helmet is that skate helmets are built for multiple impacts. Bike helmets are built for one. Take a hard hit and it’s done; got to buy a new one.

Skate helmets are recommended for Trials, Street or any type of riding where falls are more likely. But like others have mentioned above, it’s more important to have something that you will wear, even if it’s not the best possible one for your application.

I have separate helmets for MUni and road. The MUni ones tend to get more salt build-up on them. But on all bike helmets I hate the fact that the pads inside usually wear out long before the rest of the helmet is due for replacement. And yes, I wash them. But I think salty sweat dissolves the pads (and adhesives holding the velcro) over time…

Which means that for the one big hit (which is why you’re wearing a helmet isn’t it?) the skate helmet will absorb significantly less energy than a bike helmet where the energy goes into permanently deforming it.

Do you bang your head regularly when doing those, such that it would be expensive to use a bike helmet as you’d be breaking it all the time? If not, then surely you’re after the best protection you can get for when it goes wrong.

Bearing in mind that some proper bike helmets look like skate helmets

Does anybody wear a full-facer on a uni? My worst ever crash on a 2 wheeler hospitalised me due to facial injuries, but I’d have probably walked away if I’d been wearing one of those, and it strikes me that if you need a helmet coming off a uni there’s a higher chance of a face strike (being an XC rider I still don’t wear a full-facer, but keep thinking about getting one - my experience of riding a uni off-road so far is that I’m far preferring the downs, so my attitude may change).

Me too (though I probably should replace my helmets more often), but I replace them with some of the spare bits of pad which normally come with a helmet when they’re too far gone.

Won’t you need a leatt brace if you use a full-face helmet?