Helmet height above eyebrows?

Just got a new helmet and it says when I put it on it should just be a little above the eyebrows…but how high? I don’t wanna die! Any helpful advice on helmets appreciated.

(This is the one I bought.)

Never heard something like that. Actually the eyebrow thing made me laugh :smiley:

A helmet should fit well and it is very important that it doesn’t move around (a little bit is ok; mine moves to the front about 1cm when I do drops and throw my upper body forward). Moreover it should not hurt anywhere otherwise try another one.

Bike-type helmets should be quite low at the front, just above the eyebrows. Most people wear them too far back on the head, which gives much less protection in a faceplant and tends to lead to loose fitting. If you can’t see the front of the helmet in your peripheral vision, it’s too high. Skate-style helmets like yours go much further down the back of your head, so it’s probably less easy to make that mistake (or the back of the helmet would be digging into your neck).

As the previous poster pointed out, it needs to be a good fit (adjust the straps carefully) otherwise it’s pointless, or could even make things worse by pushing over the back of your head and strangling you.

You still need to be careful even with a helmet - it can only protect you from certain kinds of fall. Somebody once said to me “a helmet is intended as protection for your brain, not a substitute for it”.


Just make sure you don’t ride anywhere amazing, or look at anything that shocks you. The key to this is keeping your eyebrows low enough that the helmet works. If you look startled, the inbuilt protection system in the helmet will start to break down and endanger you. It may help to think about Clare Short when you’re riding.

Avoid wedgies too.


With that style helmet there shouldn’t be to much trouble getting it on right. They really only sit on your head comfortably the way they should fit. This was my experience, but that was about 15 years ago when I use to skate and bike.

Make sure you don’t put it on back to front or your pedals will fall off when you are riding.

Thanks for the helpful advice :smiley: