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> This seems like a dumb question, i need to get a new helmet for my uni, my old
> one is cracked. Do you need a helemt for a uni (i don’t mean law, a mean can
> you easilyfall on your head?), Should i get a good one or a cheap one. Also,
> when ever i sit on my seat, it will move down, or swivel around. ((when i
> tighten it a lot it barely slips) is this normal? It might be that i tried
> using a different seat, which had oil on it, so it made the pipe sliperey.

I won’t tell you what to do regarding helmets, so that I won’t feel bad if you
smash your head, but I’ll tell you what I do. I don’t wear a helmet for
non-street riding, and didn’t own one until two years ago, and I’ve ridden the
uni 18 years. I’ve only taken one good head thump, and that was when I was
learning to ride backward in the early days. I usually would roll when I’d fall,
but for some reason I didn’t once and all the momentum went into my head as it
hit the asphalt. No permanent damage.

I do own a helmet now. When my wife bought a bicycle for street use I said she
should have a helmet, and she pointed out that I should have one since I ride
my uni to work. I wear it when commuting, but never the rest of the time. At
the NUC last week I didn’t see anyone wear one when they weren’t required to by
the rules.

So, the risks of head damage from regular unicycle riding is fairly low. If you
want a helmet, though, you might as well buy a good one, on the logic that if
you care about your skull, you should care a lot.

Your seat is not supposed to move at all. You will want to clean off the oil and
crank it down tight. If you have a quick adjuster you might want to replace it
with a knurled bolt.


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