Helmet design ideas

Does anyone have ideas on helmet art? The motorcycle guys have quite
a bit of airbrushed stuff available, but I don’t see a whole lot of
unique helmets on unis, bicycles, skateboards, stuff like that. I’m
curious as to what people may have thought of or seen, and if anyone has
drawn up any neat designs, I’d be interested in seeing them.


Some of that helmet art costs $100 to $300. You won’t be seeing that stuff on my helmet.


My dad is a handy man. When I rode BMX he painted my help for me, it looked really nice. Of course I took some chips out of it and what not, but you really couldn’t tell at the speed I was riding.

how bout frames

i did some multicolor powdercoating on my girlfriends unicycle about a year ago, but it cracked and chipped off,

Im doing a airbrush course shortly, and plan to strip my uni and my trials bike and do some mad stuff on them, gothic designs and such. when i get it finished ill post some pics!

If you find one of those places that do custom mouse pads and t-shirts (they are usually at flea markets) they would probably do something really cool at a pretty good price. They only charge like $15-20 for a shirt, so how much could a helmet possibly cost by those guys.
-David Kaplan