Back again, and still unstable. Life has changed but still on a MUni.

Check ou www.ceabhar.com

Tiree MUni challenge next. Mmmmm, cu’s


, eh? sorry maybe it’s all changed.
Is Roger, Connie, Myark, or Paul(MUni) out there?:o

Roger posts somewhat regularly here, he should probably see this eventually. Who are you? :slight_smile:

Duncan Castling. Used to spend a lot of time on uni’s. Now living on the most unicycle friendly island off the west coast of Scotland. The Island of Tiree where we live is mainly flat and single track roads. But we have 3 x 200m’ish hills that have not been climbed by MUni yet. -They will be soon;)
Pol is really getting sorted on my other 26" Just started doing little hills. We were out last night till sunset on deserted roads. Perfect!

Who is Duncan Castling!

WHAT!! you don’t know?

Go read your history books! he is one of the Grand Fathers of Muni, one of the heros. He actually coined the word “Muni”

And as for Duncan’s request… yes of course lets go do the 3 peaks! not sure when, but soon I hope… What’s wrong Duncan, have you run out of beer and want us to bring some up for you?