Hi all,

I am recently getting back into unicycling after a two decade break. I am riding nearly everyday again, and would love to ride with others. I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and either I can’t find any nearby clubs, or they don’t exist yet.

I have visited the websites of some clubs, and I hope to go for a ride soon with some of you folks from Memphis to Atlanta. (Yeah, I’m willing to travel to ride with fellow unicyclists.)

I had planned on making the trip to Ohio for the NAUCC, but had to change those plans at the last minute. I read that it will be in Memphis next year…I will be there!

Anyway, hello to everyone, and I’ll be meeting some of you over the next few months!


Hello. Welcome back into the sport. You will notice many changes have happened over your 2 decades out: hills have got steeper, and waistbands are now being manufactured tighter. At least, that’s what I found. I started riding in 1987, rode quite a lot for a year or two then hardly rode at all until about 2000/2001.

It’s a great sport now, with much better equipment available, and many more people doing it.

What uni do you have at the moment?

Your story is very familiar! Welcome to the forum, it’s a terrific collection of people. I’ve been figuring out how to get my uni all sorts of places…I will certainly look you up if I’m in the area. I learned to ride in 1976 or so and really started riding again about a year ago. It’s great when you can find someone to ride with. Now I’ve got my daughters going and they’ve got the bug, too!


LOL, true about the waistbands!

I bought a 24" Sun. My sister then gave me a 16" savage that has spent years in a barn. I’ve cleaned it up nice and am keeping it around for any youngsters who may want to learn. I don’t think it would support me for long.

My first uni was one of the 1975 Sears models with the hard plastic seat. I also had one other that I can’t recall the brand from the late 1970’s, but it didn’t last long.

As I read over some of the websites, and read of past group rides…it really struck me that I’ve never (even the four to five year period I rode years ago) been on a ride with another unicyclist.
My favorite ride at the present is simply riding on the boardwalk (concrete) alongside the beach.