Hi! I’m Leo, just recently joined. I mostly ride muni, with a bit of trials as well. I’m getting a bit lonely having never met anyone else who unicycles more than just as a beginner, so I decided to join this group to get inspired by you all!

Hello! I just looked at your profile and it says you are in New Zealand.
So, hi from across the ditch, I think you have the best PM in the world, and isn’t it great that Covid isn’t really so much of an issue in our part of the world?

Hope our borders will be fully open between our countries soon!

Ah, hello! Yes, I agree that our prime minister is great, and a travel bubble between Aussie and NZ would be great, but it’s hard to know how far off it is.
I noticed your profile says you play unicycle hockey. Out of curiosity, how did you manage to find a group of unicyclists big enough to play hockey. Is there like a club or something? (I have to say I’m kind of jealous - I only know a few other unicyclists and they’re all beginners)

Have you seen the PrettyGoodChannel on youtube? It’s mostly street/flatland/trials riders in NZ and Australia. There’s a big group and many of them are very skilled. I’m not sure about muni, but it seems like there’s got to be some of that around as well.

In Sydney there are a few unicycling clubs, and one happens to meet up each week in my next suburb :slight_smile:. I started riding after finding out about this group.
Most of the participants at this hockey are school kids with a smattering of adults. Within Sydney, all the unicycling groups play hockey, and in the past there have been tournaments. Just not this year. Anyway, if you find facebook the group I do most things with is the Parramatta Unicycling club, and sometimes we’ll go and do other exploratory rides or muni.

Thanks for sharing that youtube channel aarons, that’s really cool.
And your uni club looks really awesome gockie!
You guys got me wondering if there are more uni riders than I thought around me, and I just found a facebook group for New Zealand muni riders.

Oh great! One pic has me and another lady, well, she’s in my neighbourhood and she learnt as a teenager. Shes always kept her unicycling skills. She saw me riding out on the streets, and we made contact, now that we’ve made contact she’s riding a lot more! :slight_smile:

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