Hi all,

Just wanted to say hello. I started unicycling a bit more than a year ago, and have been reading here for almost as long. Got a lot of useful information!

I’ve tried to answer to another thread some weeks ago, but these posts seemed to be lost in moderation. (Just in case a moderator finds them: they are not needed anymore; it was just a registration for an event which I have now done by email). But being able to post in the forum would be nice.


Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the forum is doing recently, it seems to be moderating everything… I try to approve the genuine stuff whenever I see it though :roll_eyes:

What sort of unicycling are you into?

Road, XC, trying some muni. We have some hills around here with nice trails. Unfortunately it is always too tempting to have a ride when I have free time so that I neglect learning new skills :roll_eyes:

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