Hello, yes!

Today unicyclist! My name is Thanh from my house I live in Japan.
As for me it is possible to help the fact that that I learn the sport of extreme unicycling you like, yes? My bedroom comfort from, I have been reading on this site, and discovered the wonderful person as called bugman. help please me, desparitly need i assistince in bunny jump.

hehe his english is funny :slight_smile:

drewation thats not very nice. Just because somebodies english isn’t very good doesn’t mean you need to make fun of them. I was able to understand them perfectly.

:smiley: Jagur, It’s a little early to be hitten the bottle on the west coast.

Newsflash: The whole world does not speak English.(Ok!I know this forum does)

Thanh-I’m not too good but maybe some of the better ones will can help you out.Try searching as well. There are a few threads out there.

Edit:I’m confused. He did mention Bugman. That’s a bit wierd.

with week fingers I have been reading the forum for days. bugman is greatest of uni-extreme with strong musle.

with week fingers I have been reading the forum for days. bugman is greatest of uni-extreme with strong musle.

notice the smiley and the hehe instead of haha :roll_eyes: . i wasnt making fun of him its just kinda funny how he spelt it no need to over react

I may be going out on a limb here, but I don’t really think he’s who he says he is.


I just thought that if it really was some guy some Japan, he may not get the humour, however universal a smiley is…The person who guesses the identity of Thanh wins something…

i’m gessing you. :slight_smile:

its bugman its so ovious

In my place of Japan, to call others of wrong name brings famine to family of mine. To guess me as weak fingered americans is ill repute.

he aint japanze

If you look at his profile he just joined today.

We have special houses for that here, Thanh-uni.

I’m going to have to go with Obie. They both seem to have the same style.

http://www.japan-net.ne.jp/~mhayashi/ichirin/ Here’s a link to a Japanese unicycle site. I’m not 100% sure, but I think there’s a link to a Japanese unicycle forum there. There’s nothing wrong with you posting here, I’m just giving you the link in case you haven’t seen it yet.

The Japanese freestylers are some of the best unicyclists around.:slight_smile:

yes, other unicyclists form my land of Japan have aspects of skill, but are extreme, no. I quickly type english to Americans. this i like more than Japanese.