hello world

Hi, ( I thought I’d say “hello”, but with most of you riding one wheel I figured
I’d use the shorter version “hi”)

I had a unicycle when I was a kid. It had a pump-up tire, 20" I think, and a
very loose/wobbly axel bearing. Don’t remember much else about it. We had a long
narrow hallway in the house I grew up in, so I practiced in the hall with my
hands walking down the hallway walls while I tried to keep the uni under me. Put
quite a few tire marks on the walls (had to clean them up too). I practiced
until I could make it at least halfway down the hall without falling then headed
outside and started practicing in the gravel driveway by holding onto the side
of the car. Never did get too far from the car. Then I stopped riding it for
some unremembered reason.

So, many years later here I am. Wandering around the halls of internet I came
across the unicycle web page, read a bunch of stuff, and got the uni bug again.
I placed a phone order for a Semcycle (24" tire) and am now awaiting its
arrival. So as long as I don’t break my keester after I receive the uni I’ll be
practicing again on one wheel. And hopefully I can get to where I can take my
dog on walks while I ride the uni and the dog walks. And since my dog weighs 110
pounds I hope he doesn’t walk too fast.

Anyway, I’m up here in the Sierra foothills, above Sacramento California. I’ll
post again as soon as I make some progress. Who knows, maybe I’ll have a story
to tell of my dog chasing a skunk through the bushes while I’m flying along
behind on the uni. Hope not, but you can never tell.