Hello!!! Videos i havent seen?

Hey Dudes and Dudettes, Ive only just the internet and im planning to update my unicycling video folder :sunglasses: Any videos really :slight_smile:

Post me links


Of course the seminal works One wheel no fear 1 and 2 should be part of your collection, find them both here: One Wheel - No Fear 2 Video... Don’t hit the first link, scroll down until you see a post from loosemoose with both videos mirrored. Seriously though, don’t bother with the first one, it should have been called ‘How to fall on your arse’ although it does have one or two interesting shots.

The Andrew’s web page references some movies to :


…Andrew’s and Peter’s, but thanks. :slight_smile:

Sorry for Peter,
Next time i’ll be right.

I seize the opportunity of this post to say that i like this web site. It has become quite a reference for me. Your videos inspired me a lot and there are advise for the tricks i often read. Thank you for your work (both of you :wink: ).


I started a small web site pointing to various videos. I’m pretty sure there are a couple on there that you haven’t seen yet.
Now the only problem is that it’s in French :D, it’s very straightforward though, and you can always use google translation.

Thanks for the kind words, Manuel. I’m gald it’s helped. :slight_smile: