Hello there

What’s your name?


Where do you come from?

I’m from France (near Germany, actually)

What is your experience of unicycling?

Hello ! I’ve been reading this forum for a while now and thought it would be nice to join. I’m Thomas 38 from Strasbourg france. Since last dec. For years the serious idea that i would like to try it had been on my mind and in the covid lockdown of this spring i finally decided to follow through with the plan. I really like it. This forum and youtube have been super helpful for beginner’s instructions… I picked up a second hand 24 inch OnlyOne. I try to ride three or four times a week for distances up to six miles. I mostly ride around town and to nearby parks and forest, getting more comfortable on the uni and improving general riding skills like sharp turns. Lately, I enjoyed mixing it up with some new places. When i took the uni on the bus to explore a nearby recreation area i ran a few small errands in town. I’m not sure where i’m going from here but at first i expect to mainly keep going like this : expanding the distance a little and incorporating the uni more in daily life.


Hi Thomas! Welcome there :slight_smile:

Have you already looked at our national forum https://forum.monocycle.info/ ? :smiley:
BTW, do you know Les Troubs, your local unicycling club? They are really active at Brumath, near Strasbourg!

Will you come to UNICON in Grenoble this summer?

See you!

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Hi and welcome @PoloKERN!

I hope you’ll find all information you need. There’s a lot of knowledge here.

Note: I edited your message to remove your shop link as it was basically an ad for something that has nothing to do with unicycling. :uni:

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Welcome, Thomas! (@PoloKERN )

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Hi Thomas and a warm welcome to you. You have already found this forum to be helpful and friendly. I have visited Strousbourg many years ago when I had a conference in Germany - my family stayed there on our way from Paris. (We are actually from Canada though).

Happy riding.


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