Hello there

Greetings from Toronto Canada. I am so much glad to be part of this community. I have gone through the forums roughly and I have found this place very resourceful. I look forward to learn share and have fun

Hi Taylor :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum.

Thanks Alucard

Hi Taylor! So tell us about your unicycling. What kind do you do?

I have a feeling “Taylor” is just one of those robots that sells hair regrowth formula or Viagra or whatever. Normally I wouldn’t post on a thread like this so it could be found and deleted easily, but since others already have…

I guess so. “Taylor’s” writing is a bit odd for a native English speaker, even if he is from Canada. :smiley:

Toronto doesn’t count as Canada. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it’s a friendly-sounding robot. Like Taylor, I look forward to learn share and have fun.:smiley:

That must be like how California is not part of “Out West” and Florida really isn’t part of “The South”. :smiley:

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