hello there, I am newbie here

hello punk and funk people, I am newbie in this group. hope, I will be
part of you.


We as well, hope that you will be part of us.

Welcome to the forums.

dont you mean, welcome to the machine?

you can check out any time you like, but you may never leave


Welcome! , did you bring any beer to the party by chance?

“dont you mean, welcome to the machine?”

Yes. I stand corrected.

“did you bring any beer to the party by chance?”

Another good question.

jaffa cakes :wink:


hopefully you’ll feel right at home here- feel free to use the search function or ask if there’s anything you need.

i think i left some jaffa cakes on the title bar which you’re quite welcome to, i’m pretty sure they’re in date.

have you many other riders where you come from?

Hi all, I’m new too. I may not post a lot though as it seems like almost every question I would have is already answered here and there. Anyway, my cat is trying to dance on the keyboard so that’s all I have to say.

but, isnt that what talking really is? cats dancing on keyboards?

Welcome to the forums!

Hazmat should be around here soon. :smiley:

Hazmat, you have to sig that :smiley:

and Haeri Mae guys!