"Hello Summer"- coming soon....( in HD)

Hey guys,

Im not sure if any of you know, but im just about finished my time here in Vancouver. Ill be graduating in August, and im fairly swamped with final projects.

Since ill be leaving here soon, i thought i would tap my schools resources. I rented out an HD camera for the weekend, im going to film, push it hard and ride with lots of cool people here in Van.

So look for “Hello Summer”, next week…

On another note, july 9th is the due date for my motion piece called “the history of the wheel”. Its an infographic that takes you throught the history and growth of our favourite invention;) .

So lots of stuff coming your way

talk to you soon guys

Justin Kohse

p.s. I got picked up by a new uni company, but i cant say who unitl “hello summers” done…:wink: :smiley:

Cool, im looking forward to it.

Can’t wait!

I know who the uni company is, though. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it.


after that will there be a “Goodbye Fall”? :slight_smile:

See ya Sunday

Wow, this will be soo awesome, I am excited.

You are leaving Vancouver and moving where?


arizona! duh! haha jk :roll_eyes:

actually there are a few houses for sale like next door to me. haha

I can’t wait lol

wow, can’t wait to see it! :slight_smile:

(hope the lenses of that camera were clear…) :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s sixsixone.

not me:p

I hope you were kidding, lol.

He said new UNI sponsor.

Dude, come to the island… Or the city… lol.

Haha, yeah he is moving to an island for sure! just not an insland in the U.S. He is moving back to Victoria b.c home to some of the best riding in the world! Seriously Victoria is an amazing place to ride, the trials there is LIMITLESS! If you haven’t been to vic go there!

come on guys… Seattle all the way!

Germany !!! :wink:

Cant wait for the vid.

obviously nelson new zealand.

Think towards the future duncan. He’s obviously planning on coming to Wellington NZ to flat with us.

haha yeah, cause i can “flat”…phff, but id love to come ride

You can’t “flat”? What do you mean? Can’t afford rent?

O’well, you’d be welcome to stay in our flat anyway.

haha, alright. i ment i cant really ride flat. But im acutally thinking about coming out to NZ