"Hello Summer"-Bryan Corry, Justin Kohse

Hey guys,

The video was filmed in 2-3 days, i edited in about a 1/2 day.

the music is “play girl”-Ladytron


Justin Kohse
Bryan Corry

This is my first time working with an HD camera, im not sure if i plan on doing it again for awhile. I ran into a lot of problems and it turned out to just be a pain in the ass.

There were some rendering issues with dropped frames, but i couldnt seem to fix it. If you have experience with HD cameras i would love to hear what you did to fix this.

So! since my buddy was also in the video, i didnt add the unicycle.com logo. I was recently picked up by the new canadian unicycle.com. Expect big things from these guys, seriously.

Well, thats about it, enjoy “hello summer”




Nice Video Justin :smiley: I liked the editing but it’s to late here and i can’t find my Headphones… I will see it again tomorrow with music :wink:

Some cool trial lines…

The skatepark at 3:20 looked perfect for street unicycling :smiley:

Bye :smiley:

I like your crankgrab at 3:28.
What was it that made the camera not work well?
I imagine the file size of the footage makes editting painful/slow?

yeah, very slow. One shot was around 200 mgb’s.

But it kept dropping frames within after effects, i could of rendered all of the .mp4s as .tiff sequences, but that would have been SO much work. Ive got a final project to finish :wink:

Sweet, really loved the music and the layed back edit

Well, all i can say is simply bloody fantastic video!
Awesome riding skills there man!
One of the best vids i’ve seen in a long time!

Not bad but the music got a bit tedious towards the end.


This vid was epic! I was pleasantly surprised with all those trials lines. Some really creative stuff in there too (I loved the beech guy, made me lol). The crank, 90, crank was pretty awesome. Sick sick blunt too. wow!

Beauty of a film! Nicely ridden fellows.

Nice. I liked the pedal grab too and the guy on the beach also made me “lol”. Was he talking to you or did you just pull the camera on him?

haha he was just weird

Nice man. Great camera work. Always love your style… you look so comfortable on that thing. Good job.

You should try an export at 1280x720.

nice video, keep up with the awesome riding and video making!

yeah i think i will man, some HD action eh? im thinking of a re-edit after august. Ill go to town on it, i felt rushed with this

Good for the most part, though I much prefer watching more Street over Trials.

But that is just my opinion.

really enjoyed the music. nice riding, too.

don’t understand how you can ride in those tight jeans.

great video!

how else could you ride? what do you were??

Cool video, I wish it was that sunny here, and that clean for that matter lol,

loved it. I always enjoy your videos and that was another excellent one. Style, skill, filming/ editing, plus imagination for something new. pedal grabs and grinding were sweet.

cool, thanks guys. Im going to do a re-edit and add a bunch of footage in the next one i think. Or im considering making a video called " the search for the holy rail", i found this really nice rail i want to hit this weekend. I think its around 15 or 16. Anyways should be good fun.