Hello, new to the forum.

First off I just want to say hi to everyone. Just wanted to introduce my self alittle to the community, Im 18 and live in the Mesa, Arizona area. I’ve just started riding since christmas and I am loving it, starting to get the hang of it but any hints or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Hope to get to know alot of you in the community:)


G’day, nice to meet you. I’m Andrew, I’m also 18. Have a look at www.unicycle.2ya.com (a site that Peter van Beokhout and I made) for written tips, pics, and video tutorials.

Good luck!


Welcome Mr. Evolution.

First off I must say that you have proven yourself of the name by standing up to the level of unicycling

and secandly I should tell you to not use the lil’ Evolution signature at the end of your posts…it bothers certain people. Signing with your name though…is perfectly cool.


Wha??? Science bothers some people???

Welcome to unicycling and the forum.

Andrew’s site will provide many tips. If you want more specific tips, let us know what you’re able to do at this point and what problems you’ve encountered so far.


nah man…not science…it’s like that “POW” thing…you know…I just find it annoying…

anyhow yeah, don’t listen to me…

Oh, I thought perhaps you had seen that hush-hush special unit of the spelling police lurking around…you know, the one who pursues folks who use a mixture of capital letters and small letters in their words. :slight_smile:

Nah man…but I HAVE seen the fashion police around lately so I think we should all watch our backs until they leave.

Opps sorry about the EvOLuTiON thing at the end, its a habit I have from posting on so many gaming forums, any ways my name is Chris Bunker.