Hello. New around town.

Hello everyone. I thought I’d introduce myself. I am 21 years old and I just got into unicycling. I went to visit my sister in eugene oregon last week (she’s a juggler/poi/unicyclist) and she had a few unicycles. I decided to try one and I got hooked. She ended up giving me an extra one and I’ve been riding a few hours everyday since. I’m just now able to ride around my neighborhood without falling off. I’ve got to say this is an awesome hobby (now added to my other hobbies cacti cultivation and poi)

Anyways I wanted to say hello and also I had a question. My unicycle isn’t the most comfortable to ride. The seat isn’t shaped like the ones i’ve seen and it doesn’t have a place to hold onto the seat with your hand. Sorry to ask the ultimate n00b question, but do you guys have any suggestions for a relatively inexpensive (100-150 USD) but nice brand of unicycle. I’ve been looking at the torker ones and then jugglebug. I’ve seen some bad reviews for the jugglebug ones though. Basically saying they’re little kid unicycles.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks a ton!

Have you thought about combining your hobbies and juggling cacti and poi while unicycling?

One approach is to get a new unicycle seat. Unicycle.com sells replacements. You need to either understand the hole configuration on your seat post, or replace the seat post and the seat. The seat posts come in several different sizes, so be sure to measure before you buy.

If it is a very cheap unicycle, you may do better upgrading everything with a new unicycle. Again, let me direct you to unicycle.com. Their club brands is fine for light duty. If you want something more rugged, the Nimbus brand has a very good reputation. Have you decided what type of riding you prefer? You will want to think about wheel size, crank size and general ruggedness, depending upon your interest.


Don’t go jugglebug it’s not a “real” brand. (Meaning I’ve never even heard of someone actually using one for anything other then learning.)
Torker is a good brand though. Get the LX line over the CX it’s well worth the extra money. The torker CX has a seat so terrible that it’s almost as if they designed it that bad on purpose. The lx is also quite a bit stronger then the CX.

I agree with Shmolagin that the Torker LX brand is fine. The Torker CX brand it too light to be useful for an adult, in my opinion.

Here is a club unicycle that might be reasonable:

The Nimbus 24" brand comes up for $270, but it is much more rugged. The club and Torker LX are fine for riding around and doing freestyle tricks. If you do drops you need something stronger. (I do not do drops and I have a Torker LX in the garage that has worked fine for years.)


Wow, Thanks for the quick responses. And yes, I actually have thought of juggling some of my cacti while unicycling. I would cry though if one of them hit the ground and broke :astonished: I like my cacti way too much.

Anyways, I am looking into the freestyle kind of riding right now. I appreciate the help.

By drops you mean dropping off of tall ledges right?

Sorry about this being in the wrong sub forum. I didn’t see the introduce yourself section. If one of the moderators wants to move this then go ahead.


We let cacti juggling unicyclists off this sort of misdemeanour :smiley:
How is your learning progressing by the way…have you started acquiring unicycles yet?!!


Well it’s going amazing. I’ve been riding for a few hours a day before and after work around my neighborhood. but my wheel is tiny and i feel like a clown trying to ride around on it. I’m actually shopping right now for a 24". I’m thinking of getting the black 24" club. Looks nice. My seat sucks and the wheel is tiny, but I’ve got the hang of it pretty good. I went for like 30min without falling off today. Once I get a nice one i’ll be set to go downtown on it. :slight_smile:

Welcome. You sound like a quick learner. If you think you might stick with it get a quality uni that will be versatile. If you think you may muni maybe get a nimbus 26 and replace the seat with a kris holm. You can do that when you order the uni, or get an24 or 26 off the trading post here for less. A 24 is also versatile but not as many tire choices.

If you want to learn pure skills, then maybe a 20. I’d try to get a quality uni used. You’ll get more bang for the buck.

Muni is mountain unicycling?

I’ll take your advise to heart. I’m pretty sure I will stick with this for a while. I’m pretty sure i’ll just be doing freestyle unicycling for the first year or so. So, I think i’ll just go for a freestyle uni.

I didn’t even realize there was a trading post. I’ll go check that out.