hello my name is...

ive been registered on this forum for a few months…and i have posted about 40 times, but i never really introduced myself…hello all my name is Andrew… and i have been unicycling since the beginning of august…

Hello Andrew and happy belated welcome.

Hi, Ive been riding since the very, very end of sept. What is your preffered skill area? Trials, muni, distance etc?


I’ve been unicycling since the 14th of July. That day should be made a national holiday of Lapland!

Oh, and welcome to the forums!

i like…trials street freestyle and sometimes muni

I enjoy trials and street. I have 2 Qu-Ax 20"s and a nimbus 29" to do my paper round on

What uni’ you got?
What tricks and stuff can you do?

ive been unicycling since august 16th, i Thinks july 12th should be a holiday, not july 14th (me birthday!!!)

I ride a Dx, so wht tricks you guys working on.

well it is a holiday in france :stuck_out_tongue:

well…i guess you could call me a trials wannabe…i cant really afford a nice trials unicycle at the time so i use my 20" sun…haha. and once i jumped off of a four foot ledge and bent the axle so my dad had to take it to work and straighten it out (hes a machinest) and i have a 6 foot uni that me and my dad made out of my old bike… and im gonna have my dad make me some bc wheel plates out of angle iron soon…and as far as tricks i can to a 180 unispin, i can ride one footed, i can do stair sets (the most ive evr done was 12), i can do crank/pedal stalls, i can ride backwards, im pretty sure i could grind but i havnt found a nice rail to grind on yet, uuum i can do some pretty sweet mounts annd yeah i think thats about it

Excellent! I appreciate them celebrating my endeavour.