Hello, I'm your new "trainee."

Having spent a lot of time here as a guest visiting, I have concluded from studying your posts that your never to young or “old” to venture into the one wheel world! So as the shoe fits, here I go! Yes, I have alway said, someday I’m going attempt mastery of the unicycle. After hanging out in your community forum you have convinced me now may just be the time! A special shoutout to LanceB who has given me a personal extra nudge “to go for it.”

So as your newest “trainee” I’m going to continue to lean on each of you and your expertise as I develop what it takes to “fly” one “wheel.” Oh, yes, I’ve taken the first steps, I’ve registered as an official member of the forum and picked up one wheel!)

Thanks and Happy New Year to each of you,

Way to go, Flywheel! Keep checking in and let us know how it’s going for you.

You got that right flywheel! Us Old Farts on one wheel ROCK! Just gear up with some good safety equipment and have fun. Ground is a lot harder now then when we were 15 years old.

Have fun and keep us posted on your progress.

Awesome, I’m looking forward to pictures of you riding in the Desert Southwest. Have fun, it’s a great ride!

Good advise about the safety equipment, it’s on order!


I think part of that perception comes from being substantially heavier than when we were at fifteen years old.

I would have been less than 60kg back then compared to over 80kg now.

The collagen in younger bodies is also more elastic so they bounce better.

And of course the planet is heavier now from all those accumulated micrometeorites so gravity is stronger.:wink:

There is no question as I begin this new adventure I do sense something :thinking: is making “gravity stronger” that’s for sure!

Taking practice a little slow and cautious as I’m still waiting for my safety equipment to arrive! At my age and stage, caution maybe the best part of valor. Have been spending time just sitting on the cycle indoors in the doorway getting the feel of it under me. Also, have been rocking back and forth with the pedals in the 6,12, 3 and 9 o’clock positions which I am now very comfortable doing! I am now doing these exercises while watching TV! Getting very tempted to head out to the patio fence, but still wisdom says wait a few more days for the safety equipment!

Hope to be reporting more exciting news soon. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the encouragement,


My protection includes hip pads. I would rarely fall on a hip but when I did it left me noticeably sore for weeks especially once I went up to the 24 inch uni. The second fall on the same side was when I decided I needed a solution to avoid these impromptu bone density tests.:wink:

The pads are pieces of closed cell foam about 25 mm thick. I suspect it is polyurethane but I can’t be sure because the roll I bought came from the tip shop.

I cut about 200 mm squares to fit inside calico coin bags. The residual curve from the roll gives them the perfect shape.

They fit between my lycra cycling shorts and cotton shorts I wear over them. They are held in place by folding the top of the coin bag over the band of the outer shorts. My shirt over the outside keeps that in place so they are invisible and I rarely even notice they are there.

Being closed cell the the whole assembly goes straight through the wash, is easy to hang on the line and dries very quickly.

That is an amazing idea and suggestion! Thank you OneTrackMind for sharing what you have found that works from your experience, being new at this I’m excited to glean all I can from those of you who have already been where I am now!! :slight_smile:

Well, I’m now fitted with all my new safety equipment. :astonished: I’ve strapped it on and have been testing it including UPD stress tests! Actually, things are progressing quite well. Hanging close to the tennis court fence, but isn’t that the norm for us newbies! Currently riding the length of the court in each direction with less and less use of the fence. Have started trying a few turns at the end hoping to circle the entire court! Those turns have been ending in unwanted opportunities for practicing my level one dismounting skills. :o Do I have to count those as UPD’s. :roll_eyes:

At any rate, I’m having a blast navigating the learning curve! :D:D

Keep at it!!

Synonyms for ‘perseverance’

dedication determination endurance grit moxie persistence spunk stamina steadfastness tenacity backbone constancy continuance cool doggedness drive guts immovability indefatigability pertinacity pluck purposefulness pursuance resolution sedulity prolonging stick-to-itiveness

Thank you elpuebloUNIdo!! I’m certainly seeing your picture of ‘persistence’ clearly and gaining a totally new perspective as I embark on this new adventure!

eastenn, thank you for you interest in my quest! I’m certainly in the middle of the ‘persistence’ part of the equation. The encouragement to ‘Keep at it’ is much appreciated and I’m taking it to heart!

How’s it coming along Flywheel?

eastern, thanks for your inquiry regarding my progress! I have/am traveling and do not have access to my unicycle. I’ve been away for the past three weeks. :(:frowning: I’m very frustrated because I know this is not good at my phase of learning. I will be back this weekend and will post an update. I’m fearful that I will be posting something like “I feel like I’m starting all over from scratch.” :angry:

However, I remain determined and I am very excited to get back to it!! When I left I was actually moving away form the fence for several wheel rotation at a time and felt I was almost starting to “get it.” What a cool feeling!!

Thanks again for you interest!

I’m betting you didn’t lose much. Have fun getting back on it

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