Hello, I'm new here...

Hello. I’ve been enjoying this forum for months now, so it’s time to speak up.
After a long absence from daily unicycle riding (40 years), and through the wonder of the internet, I’m re-entering the uni-verse to find more people, more product choices, more comfortable saddles(thankfully!) and more fun than I had the first time around.
It’s great to see so many ways that we can enjoy these simple machines, and share the information and encouragement to enhance the experience.
Thank you all for keeping it interesting!

Good having you back, Monomalist! I’m looking forward to reading about your new unicycling adventures. There’s always something else to try.

Hiya Monomalist :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to post pics and videos, :slight_smile: we lurve pics and videos :slight_smile:

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