Hello, I’m new.

Hi, I’m new to unicycling, I received one for Christmas.

Any tips for a starter.



The universal tip for most things is “get out there and ride”

more specifically for a learning to ride, most people start against a wall or rail and start with half rotations, then work up to full rotations, eventually push off and wave your arms like an idiot to keep your balance (don’t worry about looking silly, you are on a unicycle)

Don’t try to stay on the unicycle, try to keep the unicycle under you.

Average time to learn for a fit young person seems to be about 10 hours of practice over 2 weeks to be able to somewhat ride in a strait line. It took me considerably longer to be able to turn left.

Most importantly have fun!

Make learning to unicycle your new year’s resolution! Set aside at least 30 minutes every day for practice. Be patient. Feel a sense of accomplishment after every baby step you take. Accept that you may slip backwards from the end of yesterday’s session to the beginning of today’s. Get yourself some wrist guards (the kind used for rollerblading). For starters, find something to hold onto. Practice sitting on the unicycle and getting comfortable rocking the pedals back and forth. Since it’s currently winter and is probably cold where you are, you can do this inside. A narrow hallway, one where you can touch both walls (and where you’re not worried about scratching the walls) might be a good place to practice slowly riding back and forth. Make sure your new unicycle is tightened properly. Each pedal tightens in the same direction as the forward rotation of the wheel (which means that “righty-tighty” only works for the right pedal). When I was a beginner, in my neighborhood, there was a curb, backing up to a fence, where I practiced my assisted mounts. I could curb the wheel (keeping it from rolling backwards), get my feet situated in a roughly parallel position, hold onto the fence with both hands outstretched, then let go of the fence, lean forward and start riding forward. You need to find this “place” in your own neighborhood.

Learning unicycling is like living next to a tall mountain. One day you decide, finally, to climb that tall mountain. From the peak, you have a great view. But, you also notice there’s a taller mountain on the horizon. Next step, climb that mountain. And guess what you see from the top of that mountain? Yes, an even taller mountain.

Once we learn to ride forward, we feel satisfaction, but we are unable to steer. Then we learn to steer a bit, but our legs start burning out after 100 feet. Then we learn to relax and ride longer distances, but then we start chafing. Etcetera, etcetera. But we keep practicing, because unicycling is fun!

Keep practicing!

Thanks for the tips. Will be back outside when the weather is better. :+1:

Welcome to the crazy world of Unicycling!

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