Hello from Switzerland


I’m a beginner as well. I live in Switzerland an I’m above 50. I bought a 24" Quax by mid June 2019. 10 hours/1 month later I did randomly 15 foot. 50 hours/3month and 2000-3000 unplanned dismounts later I am able to freemount (50% success rate) and ride paved roads and flat easy gravel roads up to a 1/4 mile until I’m getting out of breath or falling down. Riding still feels somehow unstable but I am improving.

My longest ride so far was 3 miles and it took me 1:20 hours including all failed free mounting attempts.

I love to ride unicycle and it gives my life additional fun.

This is a great community which gives me lots of great information how to learn riding a unicycle. Thanks to all of you!!!


Hey Andy, it’s good to have you.

You mention that riding sometimes feel unstable.
Does the wheel turn a lot from side to side when it feels like that?

Yes that what it feels like sometimes. I’m also getting out of breath very fast. So I think, that my leg work is probably a bit to strong, but up to now I’m not able to change it.



I am a newbie as well. Right now I have logged around 37 hours. I can cycle in a straight line. My farthest distance is 286 ft. Don’t know how to turn. Can’t freemount yet. :frowning:

Welcome :).

Hi there, it’s good to have some other newbies around. Since I wrote that I get a success rate of 50% with free mounting it dropped down somehow to 25%. But I still think I make progress. Yes I am an optimist. :slight_smile:
I’ve got probably 70 hours booked an I’m able to ride half a mile until something happens which stops me. Lately it was getting already dark on my ride home and the gravel road was illuminated by my unicycle front light. Every little stone look like a large rock and every leaf looked scary as well. Somehow I made it.


Hoi Andy,
Vo wo ir Schwiz kunnsch? Miar sind ir Ostschwiz und hend do an Verein und machen au suss einiges för Einradfahrer ir Schwiz :smiley:

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