Hello from Spokane

Hello everyone, new here. Just got a used Torker CX, it will work for now, but my ass hurts already. Will get a Nimbus II, if I still like uni’s. Still learning to ride, so good times ahead! Thanks for letting me join!

We are at different corners. Some years I come muni in a mtb Fat Tire series in Spokane but they skipped your city this year. You will adapt to the seat after some time if you stick with it and ride often enough.


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Welcome to the forum. I suggest padded bike shorts. You can wear them under a pair of regular shorts. Also, wrist guards are important, and when you are learning to mount, shin guards. The Torker CX seat is not so good, but it’s a fine unicycle to learn on. Consider riding on the CX for a while before deciding on your next unicycle. Once I took my starter off road, I knew I wanted to mountain unicycle. Also think about the type of terrain and riding surfaces nearby. I live next to trails, so mUni was a good fit. Keep in mind that learning takes time and patience, but it’s worth it! Good luck!

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