Hello from Southern California

Hello all! I’m Donna from Southern California near Lake Arrowhead. I just got a new QX #rgb 27.5 after not riding much since I was a kid. After one day I am able to free mount and ride pavement but I am taking it very slow while recovering from a couple bad mountain bike wrecks. Eventually I hope to ride the flow and xc trails at the local bike parks. My friends think I am crazy but I can’t go over the handlebars if I don’t have any, right?


Welcome Donna.

Your friends may be right but maybe don’t dismiss the handlebars just yet.
I couldn’t imagine not having handlebars on my xc 29" and 36"

… and of course if you do go with handlebars please let us know the first time you go over them. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

And welcome. Glad you found yourself able to get up and riding again so quickly. I suppose having had learned as a youngster helped greatly.

Happy and safe riding!


Welcome Donna, sounds like a plan! I always envy the type of trails I see in Cali and other states; I am here in Pennsyltucky aka Rocksylvania aka Pennsylvania. I started not too long ago on a 24" muni and am pretty decent on it and love it, but not headed for the stouts anytime soon. I like to use PA as my excuse, lol! And that I felt compelled to quickly get 3 other unis. Congrats on your QX #rgb 27.5 and quick progress; sounds like you will be ready any day to post up in “Pictures of Your Latest Ride.” Enjoy!

Hi Donna! I love that you call riding (and freemounting!) in one day ‘taking it slow’. Hats off to you, and have fun!

As long as your uni handlebar is not crazy wide (like a bike) going off over the front is not normally a problem. You normally can step off or run out a UPD or even if you do crash you may hit the ground but the handlebar causes no interference like it does on a bike.

The thing about “going over the handlebars” on a uni is that they actually go under you. When you crash or UPD, (unplanned dismount), the seat and handlebars generally go straight down and you run forward. Get used to crashing. It happens constantly, but on a unicycle it is almost always harmless.

Thanks for the welcome! Yes, I very much appreciate the relative lower consequence of coming off the unicycle compared to falling off my mountain bike. I broke my right wrist and hand this past winter followed by broken left humerus in April (both in mountain bike crashes). I am re-learning to unicycle with only one arm able to swing freely for balance and being unable to grip the seat with much force with either. Hence the “no handlebars” comment. I can’t hold one! This has added a layer of challenge to re-learning to ride a unicycle but I am figuring it out. I rode over a mile around the neighborhood yesterday and am amazed at how quickly it is getting easier. I do step off at the first hint at an UPD as I am highly motivated to stay on my feet. My physical therapist has me on a “don’t fall” order.

Sounds like a logical thing to do, start unicycling again :thinking:

One of the reasons that I love the unicycle over a mountain bike is that you don’t flying over the handlebars and break something. Obviously you could still get hurt on the unicycle, but most of the time you don’t get caught up in it.


Hi from San Diego! Learning to ride a muni was my pandemic project, and today I logged my longest ride to date–12 mi in Los Penasquitos including through some of the “tunnels.” Any other SD muni riders out there?

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