Hello from Reno!

Obligatory basic introduction. Got really into unicycling at about 12 and rode every day until I got my license at 16 then I rode less and less over the years until about the past 5 years I only pulled out my uni while drinking and or camping. Stumbled upon a beat up coker on my local Craigslist and was re-bitten by the unicycle bug. I can’t believe I ever stopped riding and damn these big wheels go fast.

Just rode to work for the first time. Embarrassed the hell out of myself trying to freemount from a stoplight. I need more practice with a freemount on a 36er.

You might try hopping/freestanding while waiting for traffic lights to change. With a little practice you should be soon able to stay mounted and then ride away when it turns green.

Joe Myers


I should have hopped in place. I can do it on my 19" trials uni but I am worried about the type of abuse a square taper coker can take. :thinking:

You should only be making small correction hops only as necessary.

I’ve always been careful to grease and torque appropriately. You shouldn’t have to worry if yours are properly installed and maintained. Others who don’t use a torque wrench seem to have issues.



Looks like I’m gonna need to get a torque wrench and a uni repair manual. This old coker was heavily used when I picked it up and doubt it has been properly taken care of. Where would one find the specs of what and where to grease and what to torque everything at?

When the crank arm is mounted on the square taper these matching surfaces should be greased before assembly with a simple MP2 grease.

Then torqued. Lots of argument about what torque is best.




I should have assumed Sheldon Brown from working on old 10 speeds. Thanks for the link:D

Hello from El Dorado County! The opposite end of the county, but not super-far away. My wife and I ride a great bike path in Folsom most weekends. As you get more comfortable riding that thing, maybe you can come down and join us.

I still have my old Coker, which I got in 2002. Thousands of miles on it, and it still has the original hub. Just have to be kind to it, and not pound the hops. :slight_smile:

Had a nice 10 miler after work today and only got off the thing when I wanted to! Tried to ride up some steep grassy hills at a local park and I didn’t have the torque in my legs. I have freemounting down to about 75 percent. Still need to work on my hopping in place and or idling. I appreciate the offer! I’d love to make the drive up and go for a ride some time.

You beat me to it! I emailed this seller about this uni a few days ago, but looks like I was a bit too late. Definitely the best deal I’ve ever seen on a unicycle in all my years of craigslisting! Congrats! …but I’m still jealous. :wink:

Saw the ad and knew it would be gone right away. I took an early lunch to meet him right away. Felt pretty bad for the guy trying to get enough money to get home. Nice guy. Seemed really sad to be getting rid of the uni. Are you local to here? We should go riding.

I’m from the Bay Area, but heading up that way in a few weeks. When I’m about to go out of town, I usually check Craigslist along the route and my destination for anything I’ve been looking for.

Well, unless I can find another $50 36er soon, looks like it’ll be awhile before I get one! Have fun on it! :stuck_out_tongue:

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