Hello from Ohio, USA

What’s your name?


Where do you come from?

I’m from Ohio, USA, specifically the region around Dayton, Ohio.

What is your experience of unicycling?

I started in Dec. 2020 learning to ride on a 24" UDC Club. A couple months and multiple falls later I progressed to 36" Nimbus Oracle. Over the course of 2021, I ended up logging 1,500 miles (~170 on the 24", 1,000 on the 36", and 330 on a 27.5" QX muni I picked up halfway thru the year).

Most of my 36er rides are on the paved bike trail network around Dayton, if anyone here is familiar with the area? I’ve left behind a decent amount of skin on them from falls :laughing:. Mostly 20-30mi rides, but I’m hopeful I can work my way up to centuries this summer.

My muni rides to date are mostly easy flowy trails because that’s what’s local to me, but definitely want to progress to more technical terrain in the future.

In the past, while learning, I spent a decent amount of time lurking on these forums. Finally decided to stop in and hi :slightly_smiling_face:.


Welcome Kyle,
That’s an impressive learning curve… 1500 miles over 2021 equates to averaging 30 miles a week or (50km/week). How do you find the time…are you commuting? That’s my aim, to start commuting to work.

Could I ask about your progression with the 36” Oracle?
I started distance riding, doing a 20km ride 2/3 way to work and back with lots of dismounts… mostly planned… a couple of over the front tumbles (unhurt with pads). I swapped back to KH29 hoping to have more control, but find that it is not as easy to cruise, and felt so good going back to KH36. Now practicing rolling mounts on the KH36 and will save so much energy next time on distance ride.
What’s your experience comparing your riding on your 36” and 27.5” size wheels?


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Hi Norm!

During the summer I was averaging 1 or 2 ~20mi 36er rides a week in the evenings after work. It definitely all added up quicker than I expected. I wish I lived close enough to work to commute by uni, but unfortunately it would be a 4 hour round trip :laughing:.

There was a big learning curve going from the 24 to 36er for me (I didn’t get my 27.5er until later). I spent a lot of time at first learning to free mount the 36er. I usually use a static or rolling mount. I think the one thing that helped me with the mounts was refusing to mount in any way that was assisted. I remember a couple times in the beginning when it took me me 20-30mins of trying to remount :laughing: after a fall, but I can now free mount pretty reliably as a result.

I agree that 36ers are really good at cruising, I think it’s due to all the rolling momentum it has compared to smaller wheels. My muni has a 27.5x3.0 tire and I pretty strictly use if for off-road riding, so the comparison isn’t fully apt, but I find it quite a bit more responsive than the 36er. The trade off being it takes more energy to keep it spinning.

Welcome, Mayor McCheese (Kyle)!

Hey McCheese, are you a tall person. Learning on a 24" is impressive.
So, how about being able to do other maneuvers like offroading, hopping, idling,…etc.
Welcome to the unicycle “world”. Where it seems like everyones riding a unicycle.

I love the 24" size. IMO, it’s the perfect do everything alright and some things really well unicycle. For muni I think it’s the best, bar none. It’s not ideal for trials, but it’s still capable. It’s fast enough to actually ride somewhere and it’s great for fitting inside a car. If you want to do tricks, ride backwards, idle etc…, it excels at that. I think it’s just that magical size where nimble and practical intersect.

I learned on a 24" and I was a small kid. My daughter and her friend also learned on one at age 9, so I don’t think you need any great height to learn on one.

I thought the same until we got unicycles with light modern tyres rather than 24x3" heavyweight Duro beasts.

These days I love 24" for street, flat, hardpack and socials, but would go 27.5" almost any day for off road.

I also learnt on a 24" though. It’s a good size to learn on, especially if you don’t have a super smooth surface.

Haha, I’m not tall, only 5’9" here. I chose 24" because it seemed like a good all-rounder to start with.

I don’t spend a lot of time practicing tricks, but so far I can idle, ride backwards, and hop (very small hops) on the 24". I also recently discovered I can one foot idle but only with my left foot, not the right (yet).


I can see what your saying about your 24, I’m enjoying my new/used 24 oracle. It’s been several years since riding a 24, I have been primarily riding my 26 muni and my two 29ers on roads and bike paths. Finding it so easy tomount and ride even on rough and hilly surfaces.

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