Hello from north Florida

Hello! I’d like to introduce myself, since soon I will be asking some questions in other parts of the site.

I’m 55 years old, live in a beautiful part of north Florida near the ocean. I have worked from home for many years now, which allows me to take care of my wife, who had a stroke ten years ago.

I originally learned to ride a unicycle when I was ten or eleven years old. I actually joined this forum ten years ago when I was in Memphis, Tennessee. I had purchased then sold a 20" unicycle, then later bought a 26" Torker LX just for buzzing around the neighborhood. I’ve really enjoyed that unicycle, just for some exercise and fun.

For several years I had to take a medication that wanted me to stay out of the sun, so the uni had to live in the garage. I am past that now, but putting on some weight like everybody else due to lockdown and stress, and remembered my unicycle! Time to start up again!

Since I’m a bit older now, I bought wrist guards, helmet, elbow pads, shin guards. When I was younger I would just bounce and pop back up, but I doubt that’s true any more…

Recently I somehow managed to install my wheel backwards after a tube repair. Of course, I quickly stripped out a crank, learned a lesson, and also realized that the hub is bent. It’s kind of sad, I thought it was a pretty stout little unicycle. So I got my money’s worth but it was time to move on.

I’m now awaiting delivery of a used KH29 with two-hole Moments cranks and a t-bar. Very much looking forward to trying that out!


Howdy, welcome to the forum!
Have fun with that 29er :slight_smile:

Edit: oh wait, what’s this… now it’s showing up as from June 9th, not 1m ago… hehe, sorry if that was really late!

Sorry, this was me, moving topics to the correct categories

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I guess @Unigringo introduced himself before the forum pooped out!
Nice to read that, hope you’ve been enjoying the 29" with bars - big change that is!

Thanks for saying hello! I was greeted with complete silence back in June, so I figured all the unicyclists had moved to a different platform. This new forum looks great.

I did receive my 29" KH and am having a blast. I’ve put up a few videos at youtube.com/netgringo.

See you!

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Cool, found the one where you just received it!

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